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Brooklyn Decker was born in Brooklyn, New York City and grew up in foster homes. She has said that as a child she was sexually abused by the foster father and believed he made her suffer from the repercussions of this for the rest of her life. She then decided to turn into a performer, working with such names as Nancy Sinatra, Ava Gardner, and Rose Jeanettes. Her first major role was in the musical comedy “Grease” and her career spanned parts of two decades from 1977 until the end of the 1980’s. In that time she had some major hit singles including “Come Here Marry,” “Mystery Girl,” “Reelin’ in the Years,” “My Baby’s From Europe,” and “What a Girl Wants.”

Brooklyn Decker was an American fashion designer who also appeared in numerous high profile magazines, from Allure to Glamour. In the late seventies Brooklyn Decker began working with Frank Sinatra, which led her to roles in movies such as “The Man Who Played the Devil.” In the last decade she appeared in a number of movies including “Catch Me If You Can,” “You Are Being Loved,” “Irene” and “Wish You Were Here.” Brooklyn Decker also hosted her own talk show entitled “Brooklyn Decker Live.”

Brooklyn Decker was married to actor Andy Robbins until her death from natural causes in 2021. Her death prompted many to make donations to The Decker Children’s Hospitals and for the actor and his family to found The Andy and Brooklyn Decker Foundation. Through the foundation, which has distributed grants to over 500 organizations, the Decker Children’s Hospital has received over one million dollars.

Brooklyn Decker trivia will show that her husband Andy was actually a well-known Ohio auto dealer and was on Celebrity Apprentice. Although many are unaware of this fact, Mr. Decker was actually one of the final candidates for the position of chef on the hit television show Top Chef. Eventually Mikeurized was chosen over Brooklyn by host Sampling. When Brooklyn became a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice, many wondered how Decker could be able to stand toe to toe with such famous names as Padrino, Emeril, Rachael, Tom Arnold, Emeril and Padrino.

Brooklyn Decker made twelve appearances on Celebrity Apprentice and won four times, the most of any contestant in that time. She was so popular that when filming in North Carolina, the filming for the show was stalled because of what she wore. A photograph of Brooklyn Decker was printed on the back of a New York Magazine cover with the caption “No wonder she’s a celebrity – she wears jeans all the time!”

In addition to her many film and TV appearances, Brooklyn Decker has also been a featured speaker at conventions, providing valuable information about being a plus size woman. Brooklyn Decker was also the personal spokesperson for President Obama when he released the President’s Skinny Budget. The President’s speech on Women’s Day was also publicized in a Women’s Fashion Weekly interview which resulted in this widely shared photograph of the President in a swimsuit issue. In all, Brooklyn Decker has been a very popular and successful role model and she continues to be a leading women’s fashion model today.

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