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Laverne Cox was born in segregated South Carolina during the late thirties. A tireless and committed civil rights advocate, Laverne Cox was arrested and convicted of murder following an unsuccessful robbery attempt. She was also beaten, burned, and robbed while trying to save a man from a prison term for another crime. Following her conviction, Cox managed to help form the Human Rights Campaign in order to lobby for change in the criminal justice system and get more minorities the same rights that she had been denied. Laverne Cox was active in the Civil Rights Movement, successfully lobbying for the passage of the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Laverne Cox is an influential American actor and transgender advocate. She rose to popularity with her performance as Sophia Burset in the acclaimed Netflix show Orange is the new black, becoming the first openly transgender individual to have a leading role in a mainstream media production. Her breakout role also earned her two Golden Globe Awards and widespread critical acclaim. She is currently an executive producer and vocalist for the musical Hamilton, performing with the cast in the Broadway play as well as on television.

Cox’s visibility as an out transgender women has led to unprecedented success in terms of both acceptance and visibility. An undeniably talented performer, Laverne Cox has managed to establish a place for herself within the expanding field of popular entertainers. She has become one of the most outspoken and prominent transgender actors in popular culture. Transgender actress Trace Ayala has also received strong support from Laverne Cox, making the two a dynamic and powerful team in the world of theater and film. Transforming herself into an icon of modern comedy is nothing short of remarkable, but Laverne Cox makes it clear that her commitment to protecting the rights of transgender people is neither a nor a selfish pursuit.

Transgender actor Trace Ayala recently played a crucial role in the revival of the popular sitcom Orange is the new black. Her appearance in the series was an important turning point for the beloved show, and the actor received widespread praise for her performance as the character Serena, who was first featured in the series twenty years ago. In her role as Serena, Laverne Cox provided the face of a determined and strong women who refused to be defined by gender roles. Her determination and strength resonated with the millions of women across the globe who have been struggling to find true happiness and freedom. Transgender actress Danai Gurran also became an unlikely breakout star in the show, playing the supportive and poignant Reuben Feffer.

The visibility of Laverne Cox and the success of Orange is the new black shows are testament to the increasing acceptance of the trans and lesbian community. Laverne’s own personal story of overcoming harassment as a young woman to becoming a committed lgbtq advocate and winning over audiences as an accomplished performer stands as a model for trans actresses. As an actress, Trace Ayala is making history as the first trans women to feature in a major motion picture. Danai Gurran is following a similar path as she has gained worldwide attention as a critically acclaimed stand-up comedian and actress.

Both actors and actresses continue to reach new heights in their craft and have the opportunity to benefit from increased visibility. Trans casting calls give people a chance to discover new talent. Laverne Cox will continue to make history as one of the most prolific and lauded actresses working today. Danai Gurran is proving herself to be one of the brightest lights among an ever-growing list of openly gay performers. While Orange is the new black, trans casting calls demonstrate that acceptance of the trans and lesbian community is nothing new.

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