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Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown is an American contemporary singer/songwriter, musician and actor. Bobby Brown is well known to the world as one half of the legendary duo Hip-Hop duo Beanie babies. Robert Barisford Brown is also an American singer/songwriter, musician and actor. Together, they are known as Bobby Brown. Bobby Brown has been credited with creations of some of the best-known hip-hop and rapping artists of the last few decades including the Wu-Tang Clan, Rakim and Method Man.

Bobby Brown was raised in the gospel and traditional schools of his upbringing. He began his musical career at age nine when he was introduced to gospel and rap music through his grandmother, who played the piano. He honed his skills playing in many different talent groups before discovering and getting signed to the rap music group Cash-A-Noid.

The album “PP” (Pre Premiere) was released in March 1974. The album was co-produced by Cash-A-Noid’s longtime engineer, Lee Ritenour. The single “PP” was a major hit and the single became certified platinum in the United Kingdom. This was also the first album that featured double entendres. “PP” also featured the first appearance of Bobby Brown’s distinctive growling voice.

After the success of “PP,” Bobby Brown signed a contract with Cash-A-Noid but the band never did sign any of Bobby’s singles or albums. The group finally broke up in the mid eighties. With the break up, Bobby Brown took on a role in the music industry as a DJ. He then went on to form the group Cee-Lo’s band with his brother Jermajesty. They were successful for the next three years. Their last album with the band was called Made in the E.P.

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