Banglalink MB Offer 2021, Banglalink Internet Offer – Banglalink All Internet Package

Today we will talk about the second largest GPS based mobile service company in Bangladesh. Also discuss their MB offers in detail. Banglalink is the second largest mobile phone service company in Bangladesh. Grameenphone is in the first position, Robi is in the second position and Banglalink is in the third position. Banglalink Mobile Phone Service Company was established in 1999. Through this long-running customer service they now have about 1.3 million customers, this snake was originally until December 2005.

They are basically trying to further their position by serving the customers. That’s why they are giving all the great offers every day to provide the customer’s mind. Their offers include recharge offer, minute offer internet offer and SMS offer. Today we will discuss about MB offer in this post, if you are looking for Bengali MB offer then you have come to the right place. Because here we will discuss all the MB offers of 2021. At the same time you will know everything about those offers including activation code validity.

Banglalink MB Offer 2021

It is very important for those who are browsing the internet using Banglaling SIM to know about these offers. If you know these, you will be able to browse the internet. Because banglalink mobile phone service company offers internet for much less money. Offers that do not reach many. All those offers have come to you. Below are the Banglalink MB offers.

Banglalink 75 MB Offer

Bengalis have given their users 75mb for only 13 taka. This package is great for those who want to buy internet package for less money. This is a very good internet offer. Because in this package you can use 75mb for only 13 rupees for four days. To edit the registry all you have to do is dial * 5000 * 18 # from your banglalink sim.

Banglalink Internet Package 2021

Welcome to Banglaling Internet Package 2021. Here we have highlighted all the internet packages of 2021. From here you can know Banglaling SIM’s internet package, weekly internet package and monthly internet package. At the same time you have to choose which of those packages will be good for you and which will be affordable. In a word, you are getting all the internet packages of Banglaling through this post. As well as the active code validity of those packages, and how much MB for how much money you can know all those things from here.

Banglalink Daily Internet offer

Data Package Data Price
Activation Code
200 MB Tk. 18 *5000*18# 3 days
75 MB Tk. 13 *5000*543# 4 days
1.2 GB Tk. 41 *5000*41# 4 days
2.5 GB Tk. 58 *5000*58# 4 days
4.5GB Tk. 64 *5000*64# 4 days

Banglalink Weekly Internet Offer

Data Package Data Price
Activation Code
1GB Tk. 16 *5000*216# 7 days
150 MB Tk. 26 *5000*522# 7 days
500 MB Tk. 42 *5000*588# 7 days
4 GB Tk. 108 *5000*108# 7 days
7 GB Tk. 114 *5000*114# 7 days
11 GB Tk. 129 *5000*129# 7 days
15 GB Tk. 149 *5000*149# 7 days
18 GB Tk. 169 *5000*169# 7 days

Banglalink Monthly Internet offer

Data Price Active
5GB TK. 46 *5000*246# 30 days
2GB TK. 209 *5000*581# 30 days
3GB Tk. 249 *5000*249# 30 days
6GB Tk. 299 *5000*299# 30 days
12 GB Tk. 399 *5000*599# 30 days
40 GB Tk. 499 *5000*508# 30 days
45 GB Tk. 999 *5000*999# 30 days

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