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Aubrey Oday is an American pop artist, model and singer, best known for being a founding member of the very popular girl group Danity Kane. However, before her stardom came about, she was known as Ambergris Cayne, also known as Michele. She was born in Ohio and is one half Hispanic. Aubrey was also raised in Southern California.

Aubrey’s life is a mystery. All we know is that she grew up in Southern California. Her parents divorced when she was very young and she was taken to live with her grandmother. Her grandmother had a talent for music and taught her how to play it. She sang for many people in and out of the country and eventually went on to have a number of hit singles including “Mystery”, “Deacon Blues” and “Tears in Heaven”.

When she was a teenager, Aubrey appeared on the show “Wide World of Entertainment”. This is where she met and became good friends with actress, Kelly Clarkson. They are still good friends today. Their relationship has developed over the years into something more than friendship. Aubrey’s daughter, Clairemontie, is a famous model who has appeared in some of the most well known magazines including “VC Magazine” and” Interview” and is known for her beautiful complexion.

Clairemontie is the biological mother of the musician, Skye Johnson. They are close friends and the family lives in California. Her daughter is very close to Skye and goes with her on every visit to the studio. This has caused some concern for Clairemontie and her mother as they are constantly drawn into Skye’s life.

On television, the Oday family is shown celebrating on a yacht. There has been speculation that the yacht may be the reason why Aubrey has become a celebrity. Some of her girlfriends have confirmed that this is true. She does spend quite a bit of time at the yacht with her friends and family. Her ex-boyfriend also confirms that the two of them do spend some time on the yacht.

It is not known if Aubrey Oday has ever been arrested or had any legal troubles. It is known that she is married and has a daughter named Clairemontie. The only true way to know about any of these activities is to see what the tabloids have to say about them. However, the information provided in the press is consistent with the behavior shown by this celebrity. Many of her girlfriends have spoken out against it and her own mother has implied that she supports her daughter’s use of drugs and alcohol. The public needs to have access to this information to make a judgment.

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