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Allison Janney is a famous American actor. She has been known for her important role in movies, television and theater. She rose to fame with her role as Gloria Van Pelt in the movie “Dazed and Confused.” She went on to have a successful career in screen acting, writing and directing.

Allison Janney was born in Baldwin, West Virginia. She grew up in the southern part of the state. She soon became known for her roles in television dramas such as “How I Met Your Mother” and “The Perfect Score.” Her acting career quickly took off and led to her winning a number of awards for her performance in the television dramas.

As an actress, Allison Janney mostly portrayed brides and wives. She is best known for playing the role of Rosewood assistant Nell Tittle in the series Married with Children. The show lasted for eight seasons and was one of the most popular shows of the late seventies and the eighties. She has also had a small role in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life and did small acting jobs in other movies such as Grease and Aladdin.

Allison Janney has also been nominated several times for an Academy Award for her performances in movies. Her nominations include For What it’s Worth (1947), The Persumes (1949) and As Good As It Gets (1961). Her films that won awards were a great help in her development as an actress. She learned to play the character of Rosewood assistant Nell Tittle with ease and grew into an important and iconic actress in her own right.

Allison Janney went on to play the character of solicitor Nell Tittle in a string of films for which she received many awards including an Oscar for her performance. However, she also found time to star as herself in some major movies such as Swing Vote (with George C. Scott) and Grease (again, C. Scott). She also has been nominated four times for an Academy Award for her performance in West Wing.

There are many more roles that Allison Janney has played throughout her career and all of them have proven her abilities as an actress and a quality actress. Her numerous awards and accolades including an Emmy award for her work on Broadway have only strengthened her reputation. This is especially true considering the fact that she recently earned a Golden Globe nomination for her turn as Sally Quinn in the biopic W.E.S.P. It is very likely that Allison Janney will continue to star in and do more work in the future. Her star certainly will continue to shine brightly as long as she remains part of the world of drama American beauty.

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