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Alexandra Stan

Alexandra Stan is a Romanian pop singer. She is known for her bubbly voice and is frequently compared to Rihanna. Born in Constanta-Pescova, she made her international debut with the song “Mr. Saxobat”, which was produced and composed by the Lisbon-based producer, Marcel Prodan. The song went to number one in both the main Romanian charts as well as the iTunes chart in Romanian and Italian.


The story behind the making of the single begins in 2021, when Alexandra Stan was traveling through northern Romania. During that period, she met a boy named Nicolae who introduced her to the world of music. A few months later, the two became friends with the intention of getting to know each other more, but things were not going so smoothly. At one point, the two decided to spend their summer vacation together, but this did not work out.


On June of that year, a month before the summer vacation, Nicolae contacted Alexandra Stan, telling her that he wanted to propose to her, and that he would accompany her to the United States to propose to her. She was, however, not feeling very positive about it at that time, because she felt that she was too young for such an important event in her life. However, as the weeks went by, and the date of the proposed proposal came closer, Alexandra Stan suddenly felt very positive about the situation and prepared for a romantic European tour with her friend and fellow Romanian artist, Ion Popoviciu.


In the meantime, Nicolae was visiting Germany, where he had met and fallen in love with a fellow German student named Dieter. When they got back from their trip to the United States, which ended up being a month ago, Alexandra Stan met with the man that they had been dating, and proposed to him. This was a very big surprise to him, because he had never proposed to anyone before, and it is certain that he will be writing a song about this occasion for the rest of his life.


Alexandra Stan has also become popular in her native Romania, where she is known as a supermodel. Her supermodel career began when she appeared on the Romanian national television program “Horniul Romai,” which is similar to “The Apprentice” on the United States’ reality television show. Later, Alexandra’s name became a hot favorite on the popular music video channel on Romanian television, where she performed several numbers, including a duet with fellow Romanian singer and songwriter Raza Djulie. As the songwriter, it is certain that she wrote most of the music for that video. Now, she has released a series of pop songs in both English and Romanian, including a duet with American hip-hop artist Chamila.


If you like rock music, then you should definitely check out “Alexandra Stan.” The music is inspired by rockabilly and pop but is also very melodic and textural. Her voice sounds completely natural, as it is also accompanied by a wonderful set of keyboards. With all of her experience as a model and as a pop star, Alexandra is well on her way to a successful career as a classical composer. Her debut recording of this material will surely be enjoyed by lovers of music from all genres.

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