Yasmeen Ghauri Measurements: Body, Bra, Waist, Hips, & Shoe Size

Yasmeen Ghauri was a Canadian supermodel and was one of the first models to feature heavily in the pages of Vogue magazine. She rose to prominence in the 1980s and went on to have ten albums, as well as numerous runways for the Canadian fashion industry. In more recent times, however, she has returned to her roots as a fashion designer in the fashion sector in London. As well as appearing in a few British adverts, she has also made herself involved in the fashion industry in Australia and New Zealand. And in this article we’ll take a look at some of the early work that she has done, as well as the progress that she has made since then.

One of the first images of Yasmeen Ghauri that we have of her is from a decade ago when she was a still a teenager. She stands with a rather stunning body in a rather large dress and looks all set to become one of the first evermodels from Canada to appear on the catwalk for the Paris Fashion Week shows. It is this kind of image that would become very popular with the Canadian fashion industry in the later years. It is also perhaps an image which would define much of her career. However, in more recent times, things have changed for the better for Yasmeen Ghauri.

The most recent images of Yasmeen show her enjoying her time off work as a celebrity model. She still has a body in keeping with her looks from the time that she was a Canadian supermodel, but now she has seemingly toned down her figure to a more acceptable level. In one of the more recent covers, she stands beside boyfriend Scott Hecker with a rather chunky silver necklace around his neck. This is an image which would not have been so pleasant for the public if it had appeared years ago, but now it is simply another part of the female anatomy in the world of fashion.

Yasmeen Ghauri Measurements
Yasmeen Ghauri Measurements

Yasmeen Ghauri Measurements

Figure Measurements 34-24-35 inches
Body Size 34 inches
Bra Size 38B (US) / 85B (EU)
Waist Size 24 in / 61 cm
Hips Size 35 in / 89 cm
Shoe Size 9(US)
Height 5 ft 10 in / 178 cm
Weight 141 lb / 64 kg

The best thing about Yasmeen is her beauty, and that is both her physical beauty and the beauty which come from her face and her features. At the very young age of 29, she already looks to have matured beyond the typical age for a celebrity model in the world of fashion. However, one should not be fooled into thinking that age must have made her lose that natural beauty. It is simply the fact that she has been so successful in her career in the world of glamour that she still retains that natural beauty. The slim and youthful figure is something that has come about through the hard work and determination of Yasmeen Ghauri.

The sultry Italian supermodel has managed to combine her beauty with natural assets which are totally unique. That is why, even though she is a woman in the world of fashion industry, one would always associate her with the beauty of Milan. That is because of the glamour and the fashion industry, that Milan has become the favourite place for many fashion models, especially those who are half British and half Italian. In fact, it is not really surprising to see the two half European starlets team up in the very successful venture in the Italian fashion industry.

The creative director of Milan is an Australian named Jason Simcock, and the director of the new Yasmean Ghauri project is Sameera Khan. What makes this project all the more special is that the two half European stars of the world of glamour have brought their talents together. This new relationship between Yasmean Ghauri and Sameera Khan is definitely a sign of the times when young girls can find their role models in Europe as well as in Hollywood. The styles and the beauty which has been exuded by Yasmean Ghauri will forever be remembered for her exotic beauty and her grace. She was also a big fan of Milanese fashion, and when the two stars decided to team up, it simply confirmed the importance of fashion to both. Both of them have also gained fame across the globe because of this partnership.

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