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Teachers Day in India

Teachers Day in India

Teachers Day in India is on the 8th September of every year. It was on this date in 1832 that Dr. Thomas Jefferson, a Virginia teacher and pamphleteer set up a school in what was then called Monticello. He also made sure that there was a Teachers Day in India. Today, the International Teachers Conferences, which is an international organization that brings together teachers from different countries, celebrate Teachers Day in India with immense pride. However, it is a big affair in India and is celebrated with much fanfare and joy.


Teachers Day in India is all about celebrating education and spreading knowledge. Education is not just a subject but has a very deep meaning. It is said that knowledge is power and that without knowledge, no one can achieve anything. Teachers Day in India therefore signifies the importance of education not only for gaining knowledge but also to spread knowledge and improve the condition of the people.


In the early days of this celebration, there were many different reasons to celebrate this day. It was the time when people realised that the education had become a social duty. It was during this time that the Industrial revolution happened in the United States. Many of the American workers were willing to go to England and other European countries to study because they believed that it would help them better their job prospects back home. There were many of the Europeans who came to study in America and became the forerunners of today’s scientists and inventors. The industrial revolution in the United States changed the face of the world and made the country rich in so many different ways.


Today, there are a number of states in India that commemorate Teachers Day in different ways. Teachers Day in most of the states is celebrated on the full moon of the month of September, which falls on the Indian lunar calendar. In other states, Teachers Day is celebrated on the Valentine’s Day. There are some states which also celebrate Teachers Day on the Diwali Holiday which falls on the mid of December.


The main motive to celebrate Teacher’s Day in different states is to make the teaching profession popular in the society. This is because the profession of teachers has been one of the longest professions in the world. The Teachers Day in various countries is also created to honour those educationists who have made huge contributions in the field of science and education. These educationists include female educationists like PV Jokulsky who made huge contributions in the field of women’s studies. Similarly there are people like Amchi Poovey who did great work in the field of phonetics.


Some of the teachers celebrate Teachers Day in India in the month of October/ November. This is done to celebrate the achievements made by the educationists of different states in the past and also to recognise the contribution made by these educationists in shaping up the modern India. In the United States, the teachers celebrate Teachers Day in the spring, while in other countries the event is celebrated in the middle of the month. Teachers Day is a positive move as it encourages young children to take up education and be teachers one day. So I hope that you will consider this article and contribute something to the world of education in 2021.

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