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Taeyeon is known as Kim Tae-yoon, also known as Hyung Soo. With her real name, Kim Tae-yoon is a South Korean pop singer. She became a member of SM Entertainment’s female group, Girls’ Generation, in 2021, and other SM projects like the popular SMthe Ballad, Girls’ Generation – Oh! GG, and SM the GFriend-TCM Project.

In early 2021, Taeyeon made an official solo album called One: 1. It was released on May 29, 2021 through Big Hit Factory. Through the solo career of thereon, she gained a lot of popularity through various SM songs and videos. These songs and videos peaked on the charts, making her one of the most popular singers in all of South Korea. In the same year, she also became a member of the Girls’ Generation, which is an all-time favorite K-pop group. With the success of these two endeavors, it was then decided that a mini album would be released to support these activities, and it was then that Taeyeon was added to the group.

One: 1 features three original songs, “We Are”, “Sorry”, and “Love Again”. Each song contains a slightly different version of the title, as well as a different arrangement and vocalist. The full-length version of this ballad can be found on many websites online, as well as on iTunes. This song was also the last song that Taeyeon did for the group before their disbandment. It is also one of the shortest songs that the group did during their entire career, weighing in at only about three minutes long.

2 Hearts: This is the second song that made up the first half of the first album and is the most well-known of the bunch. This was also the last single they did before breaking up in early 2021. “2 Hearts” features a slow, romantic piano instrumental, with Taeyeon’s voice drifting in and out. This song was incredibly emotional for Taeyeon, who showed deep feelings for her former partner on this track. A cover version of this song can be heard on singles from the group that came out prior to their breakup. Another version can be heard on Taeyeon’s first solo album, which came out in 2021.

The second solo artist that sang a very special song on Taeyeon’s first solo album was Bomi, who chose to do the song titled “Love is Blue Night”. This song was produced by Park Hae Kyung, one of the most celebrated and influential Korean music producers of modern times. “Love is Blue Night” is one of the more piano-based songs that Taeyeon has done since leaving SM. Bomi’s voice is gently accented as she sings about being able to let go of the past relationship. The song ends with Taeyeon wrapped up in blue fabric, looking surprisingly at ease and confident as she holds the bouquet of flowers.

All of these songs show Taeyeon at her most confident as a singing and vocalist, and it looks like she still hasn’t aged a bit. Her age is only part of what makes her so great, though. She has an incredible musical and vocal range and can seamlessly harmonize with all sorts of different instruments. Taeyeon is now well into her solo career, which is both exciting and surprising given that she is just 25 years old.

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