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Summer Glau is primarily an American actor most recognized for her prominent roles in fantasy and science fiction television shows; as River Tam in Firefly, and its sequel Serenity, and as Tess Doerner in The 4400. In her role as River Tam, Summer Glau received two episodes of the TV series Firefly, one of which was “eps2.3”. The character was played by actresses Amy Waterman (lead singer of the alt-rock band Thrice) and Walton Goggins, who also played the role of the ship’s pilot. Additionally, Summer Glau was an executive producer on the TV series Serenity. Glau later went on to play the role of the evil Queen on the award winning movie Alice in Wonderland.

Summer Glau had a recurring role as the evil Queen in the Doctor Who episode “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, in which she was voiced by Kate Stewart. In the same episode, she appeared in the first episode of the spin-off TV series Doctor Who, “The Eleventh Hour”. This was also where Glau achieved her first real break in her television career, playing the role of the evil Queen of Mars in the third season of the show Doctor Who. The role made her memorable to many viewers and helped boost her resume as an actor, making her one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood at the time. Following her appearances in Doctor Who and the third Doctor Who spin-off, Glau signed on for a major role in the feature-length animated film The Mysterious Island.

After her experience on Sesame Street, where she played the young Danny, Glau decided that she wanted to try her hand at different types of theater. She appeared in the first musical, It’s a Wonderful Life, as a dancer in the Broadway cast. The film was long in the making, and after it was completed, she went on to star in the short lived movie version of It’s a Wonderful Life, and then again in the feature length version. Glau went on to appear in a number of other movies, including Rosemary Clooney’s 1997 movie Waiting for Sleep, and she even guest appeared on an episode of The Simpsons, in which she plays the voice of Mrs. Homer Simpson. Although she was never a good singer, she did have some success in this area.

Summer Glau also had quite a bit of success as an actress, playing a variety of supporting roles. She appeared in such films as Pleasantville, A Few Good Men, and You Are Cordially Involved. She is perhaps best known, however, for her role as Jack Abernathy in the hit film, Meet the Parents. Summer Glau played the part of the teenage parent, and this role went on to become one of the biggest successes in the history of comedy movies.

Summer Glau is reprising her role of Jack in the new TV show, Grandfathered. Glau plays the role of Meg Butcher, a single mother who takes on a new job at a day spa after her previous stint at a restaurant leaves her jobless. After accepting a small role on another television show, Meg decides that she would like to get back into acting and is forced to turn to internet casting to find work.

In the TV show Wu Executives, Summer Glau will play another recurring role. This time, she plays Jessica Parra, a young playwright who ends up running a successful agency when her dad dies. Glau has also appeared in a few movies in recent years, including the romantic comedy The Summer Reader, and the action-adventure film Kickstart. In addition to her acting career, Glau has also worked on several comic books, most notably the ongoing series Weapon Of Choice with Greg Berlanti and Jennifer Lopez. Summer Glau has a few projects in the works and will most likely continue to receive appreciation for her work in both mediums.

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