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Stacey Dash is an American stage and screen actress. She is best known for her appearances on the television shows The Suite Life of Notion and Clueless. She has also had notable supporting roles in movies such as Vanilla Sky and Hotel Space. She has continued to receive recognition for her acting prowess and has gone on to receive numerous awards for her work.

Stacey Dash is currently an active adult model. She was married in 1998 to Toddlers director Ron Shelton and the couple later divorced in 2021. Stacey Dash began her acting career when she was hired by Disney as a children’s character model for the animated film The Hole. She then appeared in the short-lived Disney show Aqua Teen Hunger Force. After that she appeared in the movie’s Clue and The Mask, which were well received by both viewers and critics.

Stacey Dash is married to fellow American actor, Ron Shelton, who is well known for his achievements in both the film industry and in his role as a producer/writer on a number of television shows. He is currently in development on a new project based on the novel Fifty Shades of Grey. Stacey is also currently married to Toddlers director/writer Richard Taylor and the couple have two daughters. In addition to her professional acting career, Stacey is an active member of her community in Florida, serving on the boards of many of the local non-profit organizations.

Stacey Dash’s acting career began to gain traction in the 2000s when she was cast as an important supporting character in the movie Renaissance Man. She previously had a small role as an extra in the film Kung Fu Panda. She then appeared in the film adaptation of the book The DaVinci Code, which were directed by Guy Ritchie, as well as appearing in the television series Lost. In the television series she was again starring as Claire APR, the wife of an affluent American banker, who appears in the novel.

As time has gone by Stacey has grown to become not only one of the best known and best liked character actors in television, but has also achieved a level of success in writing and directing her own film projects. She began working on the screenplay for the remake of Renaissance Man around the same time that she did the TV show. She is yet to develop any major mainstream blockbuster smash hits, but she has managed to have a number of smaller films that have been successful, such as Staying Alive and Walk of Sleep. The dash is well known for her eclectic fashion sense, which includes clothing from her own label as well as popular clothing items from various other designers.

In an article written by Entertainment Weekly reporter Michael Mustard in August 2021, Stacey Dash was interviewed regarding the role of being the Renaissance man. When asked if there was anything she could take from her past characters to bring that persona to the role of a Renaissance man, she said that her two years in rehab were a very important lesson in self-acceptance. “I learned to love myself more because I realized that all the bad things I thought about were really not true about who I was,” she said. Following her stint in rehab, she decided to pursue a degree in acting in order to hone her craft and work on coming up with different characters. She ultimately ended up becoming one of the best known and most respected fashion designers in the world, following the passing of her husband Jeffrey Seller in 2021.

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