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I have come to you with all the information related to scholarships, you all know that a notification has been published regarding the scholarships for students from secondary and higher secondary education i.e. from sixth grade to degree in Bangladesh. Thousands of students are applying for it.

First of all, let me inform you that the Department of Education of Bangladesh has announced that the date of registration has been extended for a few more days. So those of you who are willing to do this article should fill out the scholarship form knowing the right rules to apply. stipend application form is currently available on the official website of You can complete the registration online by visiting the official website and following the information provided by us. Please read the post correctly to complete your article because here we know the things that are very important for you to register.

Step by Step Process:

1. At first you have to clear cache from your internet browser.

2. If you don’t know how to clear cache from the browser then you should take help from Google.

3. After clearing caches, you have to restart your device.

4. Finally re-open your internet browser and try to visit the website.

Bonus Tips: There is a simple steps for you. The server is remaining down during day time.

So, many people tries to visit the website at a time the website is down.

I hope you will succeed if you try this way. Because we try and succeed in this way. If you follow our rules and fill out the scholarship form, we hope you can fill out the form very easily.

Shed Gov BD Scholarship:

Meanwhile, the Minister of Education of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has issued a notice to the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education regarding the online application for grants to teachers, staff and students of educational institutions.

You can get this application by getting a grant from the Ministry of Education. We will share the whole process of this online application with you. If you read our post carefully and make your application, then your application will be successful very easily.

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