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Known commonly as Seulgi (meaning “apple flower”), Seulgi was born in the year 2005 in Busan, South Korea. She is one half brother of Kim Min-ho and the singer and actress Nana. Seulgi is well known worldwide for her amazing body tattoos and face tattoos. Seulgi means “apple flower” in Korean. She has become popular in the K-pop music group Red Velvet, which is also one of the biggest pop bands in the world today.

In the year 2016, the pop sensation Seulgi has been featured in the Korean charts and was number 1 on the chart. She became popular because of her incredibly beautiful body tattoo design. Seulgi is also popular for her unique dancing style that she frequently performs. Seulgi’s stunning features, excellent looks, gracefully moving body motion and unique dance style has made her popular in the K-pop music world. She has been the center of media attention and scrutiny since early August, when the news spread that she had successfully undergone a surgery in the hospital and was scheduled to have a double chin liposuction.

Seulgi was very happy with the results of the surgery, but due to the excessive weight gain and other side effects, she decided not to go through the double chin liposuction again. Instead, she wanted to concentrate on her goal of becoming a k-pop idol. She was so excited about this that she began working hard on her song and performing dance rehearsals in order to improve her acting skills. She was even asked by Park Bo Gum to be his backup singer if he would release the first part of his new album.

After a disappointing performance in the fan club performance of ‘Korean Romance’, Seulgi felt dejected and thought that she was done with singing. However, with the help of Park Bo Gum and enlisting of other artists, Seulgi was able to show her ability in singing and dancing during her solo performance in the “Unite Colors Live” showcase. After the performance, Seulgi was asked to perform with Park Bo Gum on stage during the “Digital Love Live” showcase. Seulgi was incredibly surprised by the audience’s appreciative reception of her performance and was very thankful that she was given the chance to perform in front of all her fans.

Following the performance, Park Bo Gum invited Seulgi to his house and the two talked about her future as well as the possibility of a collaboration between the two. Seulgi was extremely excited and eagerly awaited the collaboration. However, Park Bo Gum revealed that it was not a possibility as Seulgi was planning to expand her solo career by including songs from her previous album “Unlock Your Emotions” into her next solo album. Seulgi was extremely disappointed as she realized that she would not be able to include songs from her latest album in the “Unlock Your Emotions” soundtrack. She was also unaware of Park Bo Gum’s plans regarding the collaboration as he was holding the keys to the song’s production.

However, Park Bo Gum finally reveals the story of how Seulgi became Park Bo’s musical genius who is now a major hit singer. He revealed that Seulgi was his idol growing up and he wanted to be like her, so he trained her from early on as a trainee. This story of Seulgi’s incredible training and progress is the inspiration behind Park Bo’s success as an artist.

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