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Sean Ryan Fox Measurements: Body, Waist, Hips, & Shoe Size

Sean Ryan Fox is a well-known American actor and singer known for his leading role as Jasper Dunlop in the award-winning Nickelodeon series, Henry Danger. Sean is also known for his work in the television show Lost, The Shield, Stargate: SG1, X-Files, and Supernatural. He has been nominated for multiple Golden Globe Awards and has won several awards for his acting career. Sean Ryan was born in Southern California and grew up in Encinitas. He has played various characters in the television shows and films, most notably, his role as the teenage protagonist, Henry Danger in the hit series Henry Danger, which was recently renewed for a third season. Sean is married to actress, Kelly Clarkson, and the two have two children.

Sean Ryan was born in Encinitas and grew up in San Diego, California. He attended Pacific University in Laguna Beach, California, and later went on to the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California. He is best known for playing characters on both television and films, including being a voice actor. Sean Ryan Fox is one of the many famous actors who made their bones on the television rather than the big screen.

A native of San Diego, Sean Ryan is one of those Americans who have seen it all. He began his acting career during the age of twenty, when he was discovered by producers of the popular television program, Happy Days. During his short stint on the show, Sean Ryan impressed producers with his ability to perform well onscreen, and he soon became one of the main attractions on the show. It was this brief stint on Happy Days that would give Sean Ryan Fox his first break into the Hollywood elite when he was cast as an original character in the movie, Neverland.

Sean Ryan Fox
Sean Ryan Fox

Sean Ryan Fox Measurements

Figure Measurements 42-35-15
Body Size 42 Inch
Bra Size 35 in / 91 cm
Waist Size 29 in / 74 cm
Hips Size
Shoe Size 10 US
Height 5 ft 7 in / 170 cm
Weight 137 lb / 62 kg

Neverland was one of the biggest box office successes of the year, and Sean Ryan Fox was one of its key players. The film earned Sean Ryan Fox a spot on the People’s Choice Awards’ top honors, as well as winning him a second season on the popular sitcom, Frasier. The next year, Sean Ryan Fox would again shine in an equally successful episode of Frasier, and once more, would win the Golden Globe Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series. It was this series of shows on either ABC or NBC that would propel Sean Ryan Fox into the Hollywood limelight.

Over the past decade, Sean Ryan Fox had managed to maintain a physique which are well suited for both performance in the small screen, as well as acting in larger, more meaningful roles. Sean Ryan Fox’s best known roles have been those where he’s been cast as an evil genius, such as in the hit movie A Few Good Men, and as an inexperienced Army private who ends up getting himself captured and held prisoner in Vietnam. On television, Fox has mostly portrayed characters with a strong presence of intellect, whether they be intellectual geniuses or merely slightly more normal people with a good deal of common sense. Sean Ryan Fox, therefore, is not exactly a typical actor. Rather, he fits the mold of what the English language so often calls a “mild-mannered” or “semi-intellectual” character.

Sean Ryan Fox certainly possesses some extremely impressive physical abilities, to put it mildly. His stamina is truly amazing, and his physique is in great shape. He’s performed on stage and in films with such stunning physical power that many people cannot even begin to guess how he does what he does. With this in mind, Sean Ryan Fox is definitely an actor to keep his eye out for when casting for a part in a movie, TV show, or a role in a Broadway play; if there are parts of the character that just scream” Sean Ryan Fox,” then he’s definitely going to have a shot at taking home the award for best actor in a supporting role, or whatever category he ends up winning.

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