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Sarah Geronimo is a Filipino actress and singer. She has been known to be among the favourites of the film industry since her early appearances in such films as Kung Pow Enter the Fist and Granite Mountain. Geronimo then rose to popularity in 2021, when she won the first television singing competition, Star for a Night, making her an immediate recording contract with then-nationalized Viva Records and also released her first album, Popstar: A Celebration of Life.

Geronimo’s success was not surprising to those who knew her, as her strong vocals and distinctive look belied her age (born in 1998). Now, she aims to take the lead in the acting career of a Filipina, and is preparing for her role as Chun Li in the upcoming film The Boxer. In fact, she is also working on a script for a Chinese film, which she will use as the basis for the character of the same name. Meanwhile, she continues to do voice-overs for commercials and performing shows, most notably at the Children’s State, where she serves as an anchor girl. Aside from singing, she has also made guest appearances in many television shows, including American Pie, E.T. and Def Jam’s The Play.

As an actress, Sarah Geronimo has achieved some notable success, which has led to a number of awards and accolades. She was chosen as the 2021 recipient of the Satellite Awards’ Lifetime Achievement Award, which was presented by Entertainment Tonight. Moreover, she received the same honor as the recipient of the same award in the same year from The People’s Choice Awards. Her nomination as a presenter for the eleventh Annual MTV Music Awards is credited as one of the reasons for her rise in popularity, as well as her being named the 2021 Best Rock Performance by Women. These achievements have made Sarah Geronimo one of the most popular celebrities in the Filipino film industry. Her career thus far has proven that she has the acting skills to go far, whether it is in television acting or singing.

Her rise in popularity may be due to her role as Chun Li in the Kung Mangarap Ka’s hit movie, Ani Ng Dangal. The movie gained local and international popularity, as many people grew to love the heroines of the story. It also became one of the most expensive movies in India, earning about Rs. 85 million (approximately US $9 million) in ticket sales. A national commission was formed to celebrate the success of the film, and Sarah Geronimo was among the chosen list of candidates to represent the Philippines at the awards ceremony.

There are many possible reasons as to why Sarah Geronimo has become a Filipino celebrity, but the greatest contributing factor might just be her looks. Although not very tall, she has been compared to Hollywood beauties due to her voluptuous physical features, including her long legs and thick skin. The Philippines has long held a hatred for foreigners, and the country’s tough culture clashes with those of foreign descent. Being a woman of dark skin, Sarah Geronimo stands as a rare breed in a country where beauty is equated with being a “foreigner.”

The Philippines is perhaps the only country on earth where a female national celebrity, who is not a movie star, can achieve major fame and fortune without having to live in the country. It may be difficult for Sarah Geronimo to achieve the same level of fame as she has in the States, but she has definitely surpassed every barriers put in her way by the people of the Philippines. A recent interview in the International Herald Tribune described Sarah Geronimo as “the Philippines’ first lady of rock and roll,” which is quite an achievement for a woman from the other side of the world. While Sarah has yet to be elected the next President of the Philippines, she has already become one of the most popular celebrities in the country.

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