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Pauly D Measurements: Body, Bra, Waist, Hips, & Shoe Size

Pauly D. was an Italian-American stage and network television personality who hosted a popular show called Pauly D’Angelo. He is best known as the voice of Dr. Porky Pig, one of the many characters in the famous animated children’s program, Looney Tunes. Pauly D also did voice work for several movies including the Star Wars and Toy Story trinity. He has also made several guest appearances on other television shows including Batman: The Animated Series, King of the Hill, Family Guy, Allo, and The Simpsons.

Pauly D grew up in Brooklyn, New York City and was one of five children of Italian immigrants that came to Ellis Island during the Immigration Period. He is described as being energetic, creative, friendly, and a very good sport for throwing the football. While he certainly did not have the athletic ability to play professional ball, he did make an attempt to play college football in the US until he was barred from playing due to a violation of a college rule. He then decided to become a disc jockey instead, after becoming friends with an Italian-American radio announcer named John Ratone. They would perform at local country clubs, cafes, and restaurants, attracting severalographists for their humorous voices.

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In 1986, Pauly D. hosted his first large-scale charity event to raise funds for the Boys and Girls Club. This would prove to be his greatest achievement to that point and he would also hold several other charity events thereafter, such as a benefit concert for the YMCA. In order to increase funds for his charity event, he began selling T-shirts with the LaCrosse team’s logo on it to raise over $1000. One year later, according to the American Cancer Society, Pauly D. sold about eighty-five shirts, which earned him a place on the American Cancer Society’s All-Time list of Most Popular Male Chancers.

Pauly D Measurements

Figure Measurements 38-26-39
Body Size 38 in
Bra Size
Waist Size 33 in / 84 cm
Hips Size
Shoe Size 10 US
1.77 m
Weight  64 kg

141 pounds

Although Pauly D. stopped making regular t-shirts at this time, he did, however, continue to market them through his participation on various television programs. His most famous t-shirt design was a denim shirt with the LaCrosse logo on the back that was sold in conjunction with the movie version of The Nasty Lama. Prior to The Nasty Lama’s release, however, Pauly D. had also made several other television appearances including one episode of The Weakest Link, a British comedy series.

One of the reasons that The Nasty Lama became so successful is that it featured Pauly D.’s excellent comedic timing, drawing in both audience members and writers alike. A good example of this can be seen in the scene where Pauly D. forgets to measure himself, which leads his friend, Mikey, to help him out. Mikey then proceeds to correctly measure him for the Nasty Lama, which prompts Pauly to compliment him on his great memory. Another example occurs near the end of the third episode when Pauly D. forgets the size of a particular t-shirt that he was selling, which prompts his friend, Eric, to measure it for him. This is not only funny, but it shows just how much attention to detail and accurate measurement skills one must possess in order to succeed in stand-up comedy.

All of the above examples just show how well Pauly D. holds down the fort, even during his short time on The Weakest Link. The short time he had on the show did not seem to hinder his success, which is evident from the fact that he went on to star in several other successful TV shows including One Hour Action, Glee and Hollywoodland. In fact, many people believe that the reason why he was able to last a little bit longer on that show is because he realized he had hit the mother lode. Once again, it was no doubt his impeccable memory, comic timing and attention to detail that helped him stay around for a little while longer.

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