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Pakistan Independence Day is the national day of Pakistan. It is observed on the fourth Sunday of every November. The celebrations are a grand combination of celebration, education and resistance. Pakistan is a country that has faced tremendous political turmoil for the last 100 years. To celebrate its freedom and independence day Pakistan opens up its arms to educate its people, enlighten them and raise a banner of democracy and liberty.

Independence Day is all about celebrations and bright colors. The celebrations are on every street in Pakistan and people take to the streets to celebrate it. Pakistan is a very peaceful country where the people go about their business without any disturbances. Pakistan Independence Day brings this into perspective. Independence Day is the true reflection of a free nation where people go about their business as usual and the government is left with very little to do as the people are happy with the state of Pakistan.

Pakistan Independence Day Images

To mark the day, various associations and organizations organize various events. Some of these associations include Pakistan Institute of Development and Higher Education (PIADHE) which is Pakistan’s leading Education Ministry; International Association of Pakistani Charitable Organizations (IAPRO) which are Pakistan’s largest non-profit organization; Pakistan American nonprofit Charities foundation (PAPCA); International Pakistani American Foundation (IPAF) which is Pakistan’s largest private foundation; and Pakistan American Women Foundation (PAWF). Various celebrities like cricketer shots, cricketers; actor Sharukh Khan, cricketer’s Sohulkar and Karan Johar, singers Siaha, Ravi Yeh and much more participate in various events and join in the celebrations. All these people celebrate Pakistan’s national day with great pomp and show.


Pakistan Independence Day HD Images

Various celebrities send greetings to Pakistanis on Pakistan Independence Day. Some of them send sweets to Pakistanis and others send money. Some celebrities also send Pakistanis special gifts to mark the day. Some of the gifts on which you can order your Pakistan Independence Day greetings are: Pakistan flag; Pakistan coin; Pakistani bank notes; Pakistan paper money; and Urdu dal. You can also choose to send traditional gifts as well.

Pakistan Independence Day
Pakistan Independence Day

Pakistan Independence Day Photos

Today, most western countries celebrate this day with great pomp and show and offer huge sum of money to Pakistanis and their families and friends and family and relatives and friends of Pakistanis. The money is given in return for printing Pakistan Independence Day pictures on all household items. If you can find an artist or talented person in Pakistan, please contact me, so that we can print some exclusive pictures of Pakistan on your beautiful household item. You can have a piece of printed Pakistan Independence Day girl on every piece of household equipment.

Pakistan Independence Day 2021
Pakistan Independence Day 2021

Pakistan Independence Day Pictures

Other than these, one of the most popular ways to celebrate Pakistan Independence Day is to order Pakistan Independence Day flowers online. There are various websites who sell flowers, so that you can order different kinds of flowers to mark the day. They even offer you the option of personalizing your flowers with your name and message. The best part about these Pakistan Independence Day flower delivery websites is that they also help you in deciding on the right kind of flower to gift someone.

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