National Son Day

While mothers lovingly tote their tired children around and prepare their usual favorite dish, fathers enjoy getting a man-to-men moment with their young sons on National Son Day. Tossing the tattered old pigskin around, imparting valuable wisdom, and sharing experiences shared by fathers through the generations. Some national celebrations of this are linked to particular sons while others are celebrated irrespective of a sons’ or mothers’ status. Dressed in official uniforms like farmers’ outfits, farmers’ mothers, farmers’ fathers, plumbers, bus conductors, and municipal employees, the participants enjoy a unique blend of pride and joy as they observe a day of family, friends, and family memories. The spirit of National Sons Day is celebrated with great joy on this day when every nation celebrates its own history and traditions.


The main highlight of National Sons Day is the process of gifting a leather bag full of sweets to each other along with cards and flowers. On this occasion, every nation decorates its historical monuments, historical places of interest, and historical figures with candles, beautiful paintings, bells, and other symbols of victory and remembrance. The gifts on National Son Day are considered as a mark of respect and admiration, especially by the female members of the family. In addition, it is also believed that the day is a tribute to the mothers, which is why women are very excited about celebrating the celebration on this september.


Along with gifts, National Son Day is celebrated with new clothes, different traditional dishes, and a trip to the movies. All houses, offices, malls, and establishments offer special services and discounts on this day to show their love and affection towards their son. Restaurants and other eateries set up for the celebrations have special menus and offer delicious delicacies to the customers. People can buy their favorite snacks, sandwiches, fresh juices, or ketchup to take home after they eat in the restaurants.


During National Son Day, people usually wear vibrant and colorful outfits that flaunt their vibrant personalities. Women mostly wear kaftans and salwar suits, while men mostly wear kurta pyjama on this special day. These clothes make National Son Day even more special because the receivers are able to see the different traits and personalities of their loved ones through these clothes. Apart from celebrating the day with delicious food and tasty snacks at homes, people also take the occasion to visit their nearby friends and family members, and offer greetings and kind words to them. The most popular greeting that people commonly use on National Son Day is “Viva La Bandera!”


If you have kids living at home, then you may plan to organize some outdoor activities that your children and their friends can enjoy. Some parents prefer to celebrate National Son Day with their kids at an amusement park, while other parents prefer to spend their time outside with their children and friends playing a game or two. If you have a pool near your house, you can simply get your children and their friends to join you on a swim. However, if you do not have a pool at home, you can simply join a neighborhood swimming pool and spend some quality time together. But, it is important to remember that you should still take care of your children and ensure that they remain fit and healthy all throughout the year.


A National Son Day celebration is incomplete without a special song that is played at each of the gatherings. The most popular song that is played during a National Day celebration is Baarat, which is a traditional Pakistani song. In fact, it is one of the most played and sung songs at various events all over the world. One of the most interesting facts about National Day celebrations is that the lyrics of the song were written by a famous Pakistani author called Karam Shah AlAzhari. It was later on made into a successful movie by Starrers and is immensely popular throughout Pakistan and the world.

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