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Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix is a Dutch musician known worldwide for his graceful, reggae-influenced sound. The Netherlands is home to many well-known DJs and musicians including Martin Garrix. Martin Garrix grew up in the town of Edeghem, Holland where he first discovered the genre that would become known as jungle. From a young age Martin learned to listen to records on vinyl. He would listen to the music in his own home as well as record it so that he could create his own version.

Martin Garrix Biography is the life story of this talented young DJ who has gone on to become one of the world’s top entertainers. Martin Garrix was born in the small town of Edeghem, Holland where he became interested with the sound of reggae music. As a child Martin often listened to the records on his record player and created his own versions of these songs. From a young age Martin also began studying art, drawing, and sculpture which would form part of the foundation of his lifelong passion for music.

Martin Garrix first made his name in the world of electronic music when he was discovered by Richard Devine and Andy Crows. The pair signed the then unknown DJ to their roster and from there he went on to develop a career that would see him tour the world. For the next seven and a half years he was a constant guest star in numerous radio stations, television programs, and television series including “American Bandstand” and “Spinning Kids.”

Martin Garrix went on to find fame and fortune with the formation of the internationally popular dance music band, “Parquet,” along with its principal singer and bass player Calvin Johnson. Together the two acts went from strength to strength and Parquet went on to sell millions of records worldwide. With Parquet, Martin Garrix also went from being an obscure electro-pop electronic music producer to an established act headlining shows around the globe.

A decade later Martin Garrix decided it was time for a new adventure into the world of electronic dance music. Following a string of successful albums that saw him collaborate with acts such as Rihanna, Avicom, and Kelly Davidson, Garrix decided it was time to take things to the next level. For his next release, he wanted to team up with superstar artist Beyonce Knowles and the end result was her amazing self titled album.

A multi-plotted tale of love and life, Purple Rain is the first project from Martin Garrix’s long awaited sophomore album and it is sure to be a success. Although there are no new collaborations between Martin Garrix and Beyonce Knowles as yet, we can expect many more to come over the coming months and years. In the meantime, fans can look forward to the thrilling album that promises to be the closest thing to pop music ever recorded. Be a part of the excitement by purchasing this sensational album now from iTunes. Remember to stay tuned for future updates and announcements on how the famous pop star’s personal life will intersect with the music that he creates in the upcoming year.

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