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Lauren German was born in suburban Philadelphia. Her parents, Max and Mary, raised her as a typical Jewish girl with strong religious convictions. Her younger brother, Michael, was also very religious and often went with his father on trips to the Jewish Museum in New York City. Lauren German grew up in foster homes before her parents divorced when she was eight. Her biological mother was a French Canadian. At age twelve, Lauren German wrote to her biological mother and asked for help because she was going through hard times financially.

Lauren German was raised in Oak Park, a middle-class community in Philadelphia that was bordered on three sides by housing projects and industrial parks. Her family always made sure that her mother had enough food on the table, and she was a tomboy when it came to girls’ clothes. Lauren German attended Le Cordon Bleu in University Park, and graduated in May, 2021.

Lauren German met Peter Pan in November, 2021 at a casting call for a children’s television show in New York City. They hit it off right away and have been going out ever since. The stunning Oliver Cromwell featured Lauren German as the beautiful Peter Pan, while Lauren starred as the cute, mischievous Wendy, in the hugely popular Disney movie version of the story.

Lauren German was in talks to play the lead role in a major motion picture adaptation of Winnie the Pooh, until Disney decided not to move forward with the project. Lauren was cast as the joyful and carefree second person in the story, instead. Her performance became the breakout role that won’t be available to consumers until the DVD is released in the fall, since that is when Disney can make any changes. Since Lauren German only had a small role to play in Winnie the Pooh, it is highly likely that her character will be different from her original appearance, though it is not impossible that she may still look like the original.

Since gaining over 2 million followers on Twitter in her first week as a brand, Lauren German has proven that she is one of the most exciting stars in Hollywood today. She has created a stir amongst stars with her unique twitter style, which consists mainly of quotes, pictures, short videos, and music. Lauren German has not only gained a tremendous following on twitter, but also through social media websites like Facebook and MySpace. With this large following, it is safe to say that Lauren German has become one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood today, thanks to her fantastic acting skills and amazing fashion sense.

If you have not yet seen No Vacancy, then you are truly missing out. For those of you in the United States, you may already know that Lauren German has garnered critical acclaim through her role as herself in this film. Although No Vacancy was released in the United States in June of 2021, it is already receiving rave reviews from various critics across the globe. For this movie, Lauren German was able to play the character of Holly Golightly, a thirty-something year old mother who lives on a secluded mountain in New York. Through her role as Holly, Lauren German was able to gain some much needed experience on how to handle her own personal life, while also making connections with people in Hollywood. Her appearance in No Vacancy, as well as her two previous roles, will surely help Lauren German secure roles in major Hollywood films in the near future.

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