Laura Haddock Measurements: Body, Bra, Waist, Hips, & Shoe Size

Laura Haddock was born in Yorkshire, England in 1969. Laura is best known for her roles as Kacie Carter in Honest to Love, Lucrezia in Da Vinci’sacci, Meredith Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy, Alison in The Inbetweeners and Vivienne Westwood in Transformers: The Last Knight. Hacey’s acting career spanned four decades, during which she appeared in a number of well-known and sometimes forgotten movies. Hacey most recently appeared in the TV drama Lost, in which she played slices of life.

Hooter is a multi-talented British actress who has wowed audiences with her varied skills on the big screen. Born in Northamptonshire, Hooter has gone on to play different characters in a variety of different dramas. In her role as Kacie in the movie, Hooter had a close relationship with both her mother and father. This experience would later help Hooter discover her true identity as the young woman who would become guardians for the much younger Lucrezia.

Laura Haddock first found fame in her role as the young girl in the BBC show Home Office, playing the dutiful secretary to an extremely busy director. The character became so popular that it was selected for the first episode of Doctor Who, which was a huge feat for any actress at the time. Laura also had a role in the television drama Kung Fu. It was quite a lucrative role for Laura as it meant that she was now an established name in Hollywood.

Laura Haddock Pic
Laura Haddock Pic

Laura Haddock Measurements

Figure Measurements 35-26-34
Body Size 42 Inch
Bra Size 34A
Waist Size 33 in / 84 cm
Hips Size 33 in / 86 cm
Shoe Size 10 US
Height 5’ 3″

162 cm

  • 56 kg
  • 123 pounds

Hooters is the nickname that Laura Haddock gave to her workplace in Northamptonshire. The Hooters restaurant in London has also since referred to as the Laura Haddock restaurant, and the character of the restaurant itself is mentioned in a number of Laura Haddock’s later novels. Hooters offers a number of dishes, including chicken and spicy tuna wraps. Laura is often seen sipping coffee and taking her lunch from the restaurant. She is also said to enjoy her meals with the other women of her life.

Laura Haddock has used her fame in Hollywood to support her local NHS by volunteering as a medical assistant. In a clip from the movie Top Gun, Laura appears as the medical assistant who helps the young man with the heart attack. Laura Haddock was born in Northamptonshire, but currently resides in London. She is listed as having adopted several children and has worked in the film industry as well as in television. Laura has also been married to the film director Richard Curtis, and the writer Garth Stein.

Laura Haddock was able to continue her acting career, even receiving an episode of the spinoff for one of her episodes on the television drama Eastenders. Laura was also one of three celebrities to appear on stage together with the Standford University students in the 2006 film The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish. Her live performances included supporting roles in the film Zoolander, and the television series Everybody Loves Raymond. Laura is currently promoting a play that she developed with her Standford University classmates, titled No Limits.

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