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Joy Villa

Joy Villa is a well-known American entertainer, singer, and YouTube personality. She is most famous for her passionate support of US President Donald Trump, his controversial executive orders, and various socially conservative and far-right political causes. Born in Southern California, Joy has always demonstrated an affinity for the westerns, particularly the early ones, such as The Old West, The Lord of the Rings, and The Railway Train of Montana. It is perhaps her greatest claim to fame that she was also married to Jon Bon Jovi, for close to 14 years. Although she has been married to the rock star, she claims that it was not love that led to their union, but rather, a sense of duty.

Joy Villa was born in Beverly Hills, California, on the day of the first anniversary of the Manson family’s gruesome murder spree. Her parents were divorced when she was very young, and she was known by her stage name, Joy. At some point, she began going by her given name, but she preferred Joy Villa. When she was a teenager, she was discovered by the then-music icon, Madonna, who signed her to her own record label, Buena Vista Social Club. She released her first single, “Erotic Night”, on the Buena Vista Social Club’s self-titled album, which became a huge hit in Italy and Europe.

Following several singles, including the chart-topping “Erotic Night” and the popular “Movin’ On,” she began work on her second album, which would become known as Madonna Cruises. While the album wasn’t a huge hit in the United States, it was successful in other countries, including Japan, where she sold three times as many copies as the first album. As a result of the commercial success of her first album, Joy Villa released an updated version with a different lineup, featuring backup singers, a more jaded look, and an acoustic version.

In late 2021, the singer took to the stage again, performing in what can be considered one of her concerts of all time, at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and on MTV. During the performance, she was seen holding a guitar encase from the onstage sound system, played by backup dancers. The guitar she was playing was the same guitar used by David Bowie on his song “Berlin syndrome.” Onstage, Joy Villa performed songs from the second album, including cover versions of hits by The Beatles and Queen. A notable track from the set was a cover of David Bowie’s “orientation.”

In the lead up to her performances at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and on MTV, Joy Villa garnered several Grammy Awards, including a Best Music Performance award for her song “Come As You Are.” The song became one of the biggest breakout hits of the decade, selling more than two million copies. In between albums, Joy Villa released several other hit singles, including the celebratory “SIYM,” which became known as “Love is in the air.” While many artists choose not to release their albums until they have reached rock stardom, the American singer chose to release her first album in four years. Since its release, she has won four Grammys, sold millions of records, and become a superstar.

Joy Villa’s story is a true example of perseverance. While many artists may consider quitting after a few records, this artist chose to continue working until she achieved the same level of success that she has achieved in the span of just over 25 years. While some artists may choose to retire, many keep going. Whether you like or appreciate Joy Villa, she is proof that it is possible to achieve huge success while remaining productive and active in your career at any age. With the success that she has achieved, it is easy to see how she would qualify as a contemporary artist, instead of a country or bluegrass artist.

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