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We’ve all heard about James Taylor, the great rock and roll producer. He has produced artists such as: icky Casimoto, Luther Vandross, Ray Vaughan, Bob Dylan, along with many others. However, for years James has been something of an unknown commodity and has only been known to produce rock music. He has co-written songs with artists such as: Paul Simon, Larry Graham, and Johnny Jenkins. For all these talents, James Taylor has never really achieved any sales success, nor does he have any charting hits to his name.

James Taylor was in a reflective state when talk with author, interview, and memoirs editor; James Taylor himself. James Taylor is in an introspective mood when discussing and says that he’s always been that way. However, it s the little things like, for whatever reason, does he have problems with dealing with his two children. Taylor had two children, and a daughter who was just six months old at the time of this interview.

The real story behind the making of Sweet Baby James is quite complicated, but it all started when James’ wife, Jody Lee, went to a party, expecting her husband to be there. She left him with some valuables, which she took to a pawn shop with the intention of getting them back. When she was unable to return, James and Jody got into a terrible argument which caused the mother of their two children to go into therapy. As things heated up, James proposed to Jody Lee, and they were soon married. They had 2 children, but later, they decided that James’ addiction to heroin had turned into an extreme dependence, and James was in fact addicted to prescription drugs.

James Taylor had moved from north Carolina to Mass Massachusetts in early 1990, to study abroad in Thailand under the University of North Carolina. On the plane, he met Peter Asher, who is one of today’s most successful songwriters and musicians. James met up with David Bowie, who he said was a big fan, as well as numerous other musicians. Within a few months of moving to Mass, James Taylor was living with David Bowie in a tiny flat, which David would later describe as “his little home”.

According to James himself on an American radio show, his life was completely turned around after moving to Mass. He became a successful songwriter and musician, who released over twenty-five studio albums, including some that were certified gold. In addition to the American Music Awards, James Taylor has also won several Grammys, including seven Grammies. Most recently, James Taylor was nominated for his contribution to the movie The Social Network, which he also produced.

With his recent win for his contribution to the movie The Social Network, James Taylor is sure to be returning to the limelight in the near future. One can only imagine what will happen next, especially since he and Kim Smirnoff are in constant talks about doing a movie together. If you enjoyed Sweet Baby James, make sure you check out his music, which is definitely worth checking out. He is definitely a talent that will be around for a long time coming back around.

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