YouTube sensation J.Fla, known for her massive covers of Ed Sheeran’s songs such as Shape of You and Luis Fonsi’s Despacito, is quickly becoming the first worldwide independent Korean YouTube star to reach 10 million YouTube subscribers. J.Fla is also the first Korean You Tube star to surpass 10 millions subscribers, and the youngest at the age of 17. But what exactly is behind the meteoric rise of J.Fla? And how did she manage to break through such a gargantuan barrier of YouTube stardom?


In 2011 J.Fla made the decision to create a YouTube channel for her music, which she used to introduce new albums. While it was initially created to promote singles from her first album, Trouble, J.Fla gradually began to use it as a tool for artist interviews, song reviews and personal essays. As the channel gained popularity, J.Fla also began to have music featured on several well-known Korean talk shows including the famed K-pop talk show “Park Hyo Ong.” Park Hyo Ong is viewed in over 100 countries worldwide.


The success of the YouTube channel brought about a lot of attention to J.Fla and her music, and eventually she ventured into other media like book publication, an animated web series and a few Korean dramas. All of which earned positive critical acclaim and ratings. However, J.Fla’s first major feat was a major commercial hit with the release of her first CD, Trouble, which went Gold. The subsequent hits Perfect Smile and Always Be Girl gave her a second big hit and established her as a serious pop star. While Perfect Smile and Be Girl were moderately successful, Trouble marked the beginning of the end for J.Fla’s string of mainstream successes. However, after a string of singles that failed to chart, J.Fla and producer B.B have come up with a new song, titled Stay, which is expected to be their major hit for the rest of the year.


On the heels of the stay song, J.Fla will take the stage on the August 4th anniversary of her first solo album, Trouble. While the live shows are being promoted with a lot of energy and vigor, the website promises a sneak peek of the “First Song” from the upcoming album. It’s safe to say that if the fan base gets restless, there will be no slowing down in the popularity of the YouTube channel either. There is already a rumor floating around that J.Fla will debut one of her covers songs from Trouble this month, and this could easily fuel the popularity of the YouTube channel even further.


This is only the beginning though, as J.Fla has promised that there will be many more single song releases from the upcoming “FIRST song” and she has left no stone unturned to make sure these songs are great. If this is not enough, it is also safe to assume that J.Fla is gearing up for a world tour, which is almost as exciting as seeing J.Fla in person. All this and more can be found at the “About Us” page on you Tube.


J.Fla is without a doubt, an incredible young talent that has the potential to go worldwide and make a name for herself in the music industry. Her first song on the internet is already making the rounds and getting great reviews. This only goes to show how bright the future is for this talented young artist from the south Korean hood. You can go to J. Fla’s” About Us” page on YouTube to read her latest disc jockey bio. Watch her music video for “Survive” below.

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