Idia Aisien Measurements: Body, Bra, Waist, Hips, & Shoe Size

Idia Ait Eloubi is a Nigerian actress, model, and writer. She has been acting since the early seventies and has appeared in more than fifty films and TV series, including ones in the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, France, and the United States. In her early career, she appeared in the British sitcom “That Harry Brown” as the sympathetic shopkeeper who saves the show from disaster. In more recent years, she has become known more for her roles in the award-winning film “The Nanny Diaries” and as the evil Queen in the remake of Beauty and the Beast.

Some biographers have suggested that Idia Ait Eloubi may be the prototype of a “good role model.” As an actress, she has made African women heroes in the way she portrays them on screen. Both the Queen of England and the President of Nigeria have chosen to make it Eloubi one of the leaders of world African politics. This may be because her portrayal of Lagos as the thriving, multiethnic city that mixes cultures, possesses a sense of humor and exudes an air of female confidence and sexuality, qualities that women in many countries wish they had.

In her book “Idia Ait Elle” (litigation), Ait Eloubi makes it clear that she has developed a personal philosophy of giving back to the communities where she has lived her whole life. She believes that being an actress will help her achieve these goals and is not merely a means for money. She has repeatedly stated that she would like to live in a place where she gives back more than she receives. While in America, she gave part of her performance fees to a cancer hospital and was also vocal about her desire to see former terrorist organizations disempowered through the eradication of AIDS. She has also said that if elected president of Nigeria, she will make sure that every woman has a seat at the cabinet level.

Idia Aisien Piv
Idia Aisien Piv

Idia Aisien Measurements

Figure Measurements 34-26-36 inches
Body Size 34 inches
Bra Size 34B
Waist Size 26 inches (66 cm)
Hips Size 36 inches (91 cm)
Shoe Size 10(US)
Height 5′ 11″/ 1.80 m
Weight 130 lb / 69 kg

The fact that she is now seen by many Nigerians and even non- Nigerians as the future president of their country is quite surprising. She is the youngest woman to become the head of state in a multicultural nation such as Nigeria and yet she has the looks of a model or a runway model – thin, tall and elegant with long black hair. When we look at Idia Ait Eloubi, we cannot help but imagine ourselves in her place and it is easy to see why she is considered by many to be the next Oprah.

The other day, I was discussing this topic with an acquaintance in Lagos and she told me that her mother always told her that Idia Ait Eloubi was going to be the next Nigerian president. Then, she said that Idia Aisien was the choice of her late father, who was a famous lawyer in Lagos and that he always made it a point to choose the best for his family. His choices always turned out well and this included his love ones abroad. He could always rely on the international public relations firm of Idia Ait Eloubi to get the job done if needed.

This is not the end of the story; I am sure that there are more things that we will learn about this talented and accomplished lady and yet we can only digest so much. One thing is for sure. There is no doubt that Idia Ait Eloubi is definitely a deserving person and we should support whatever she does. If you know anyone in Africa who has been a recipient of a scholarship from the International Olympics Committee; you might want to encourage them to support Idia Aisien and what she stands for. You may also like to read the 14 things that she stood for in her life and how she achieved all of these goals.

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