HSC Short Syllabus 2021, HSC Short Syllabus 2021 PDF Download All Subjects

HSC Syllabus 2021, You all know that due to the Corona situation, the educational institutions were closed this time and they could not take the exams at the right time. After giving HSC auto pass in 2020, Bangladesh Board of Education has decided to take the exam according to the short syllabus for the students of 2021 academic year. In other words, questions will be made on certain chapters, not the whole book. So for those who want to know HSC exam in 2021 academic year from here, their short syllabus. Many are not getting this syllabus. For their cooperation we are putting the HSC syllabus in full on our site. So that students can easily download the syllabus from here.

HSC Short Syllabus PDF Download

First of all welcome HSC candidates of 2021 Board of Education. Due to the Corona situation, this time the question is not according to the whole book, but the Bangladesh Board of Education has decided to take the test by asking questions on certain chapters. So for all those students we are keeping the shot syllabus in PDF format. So that they can easily download the PDF for free and take the preparation of the exam well. There will also be questions on what chapters they can write in their book from here.

HSC short syllabus all subjects

Many people want to get HSC syllabus in one place so I am putting HSC shot syllabus in all subjects through this post to help them. From here we will keep the syllabus of all the subjects in the form of subjects. I will keep the short syllabus in PDF format. You can easily download it from here. A short syllabus of all the following subjects is given.

HSC Short Syllabus Bangla

Welcome to HSC student friends. You must have already known that the syllabus of HSC examination has been changed. Brother, I will let you know your Bangla short syllabus from here. This time, however, questions will be asked in certain chapters without asking according to the whole book. So this syllabus is very important for you. The syllabus is given in PDF format. You can easily download it if you want.

HSC Short Syllabus English.

Due to the situation in Corona, the educational institutions are closed. This time the test will be given through shot syllabus. Here we will give the English shot syllabus. So this time HSC candidates do not have to read the whole English book. So English will be questioned on certain topics. Here the English first letter will be given the shot syllabus matching the second letter. Below is the English syllabus in PDF format.

History of HSC Syllabus

History is a very difficult subject. Because this book has many chapters and each chapter has a huge amount of years. It is very difficult for students to remember. Don’t do it again. Due to the situation, there is a lack of teaching in the educational institution. After analyzing all these issues, the Bangladesh Board of Education has decided to shorten their syllabus. So we are also giving you the syllabus of history in PDF format. For those of you who don’t know yet, find out for yourself which chapters in the history subject will be examined.

HSC New Short Syllabus

Social Work 1st Paper

Social Work 2nd Paper

Soil Science 1st Paper

Soil Science 2nd Paper

Statistics 1st Paper

Statistics 2nd Paper

Physics 1st Paper

Physics 2nd Paper

Logic 1st Paper

Logic 2nd Paper

Islam Shikkha 1st Paper

Islam Shikkha 2nd Paper

Production Management 1st Paper

Production Management & Marketing 2nd Paper

Psychology 1st Paper

Psychology 2nd Paper

Finance, Banking and Insurance 1st Paper

Finance & Banking 2nd Paper

Sociology 1st Paper

Sociology 2nd Paper


Economics 1st Paper

Economics 2nd Paper

History 1st Paper

History 2nd Paper

Islamic History & Culture 1st Paper

Islamic History & Culture 2nd Paper

Home Science 1st Paper

Home Science 2nd Paper

Civics 1st paper

Civics 2nd paper

Art and Textile 1st Paper

Art and Textile 2nd Paper

Accounting 1st Paper

Accounting 2nd Paper

Geography 1st Paper

Geography 2nd Paper

Food And Nutrition 1st Paper

Food And Nutrition 2nd Paper

Higher Math 1st Paper

Higher Math 2nd Paper

Home management 1st Paper

Home management 2nd Paper

Agriculture 1st Paper

Agriculture 2nd Paper

Arts & Crafts 1st Paper

Arts & Crafts 2nd Paper

Biology 1st paper

Biology 2nd Paper

Bangla 1st & 2nd Paper

English 1st Paper

Engilsh 2nd Paper

Business Organization and Mgt 1st Paper

Business Organization and Mgt 2nd Paper

Chemistry 1st Paper

Chemistry 2nd Paper

Child Development 1st Paper

Child Development 2nd Paper

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