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George Strait

George Strait was a childhood friend of country music star Boz Scaggs, as well as being a huge fan of gospel, rock, roll, rhythm and blues, jazz, country, and pop music. George Strait grew up in segregated Mississippi, where his parents were supportive of his love for music, but they worried about his social future. When he was very young, his parents had both been sharecroppers, and his childhood was spent moving from south to north throughout the state.

George Strait was a teenager listening to country music when he was arrested for selling $35 dollars worth of marijuana on his front porch, which put him behind bars for four years. He was also interned at the height of the civil rights movement in Mississippi, which impacted his path as a recording artist. He was very disappointed with the lack of representation for black artists in the record industry, which forced him to move to Los Angeles to pursue his musical career. During this period, George Strait was also writing songs for himself as well as others. He ended up getting signed by Big Shot Records but didn’t like their business structure, so he left the label and formed Poteet Records, which helped to launch many other Southern singers and songwriters including Tipper Smillin and Charlie Rich.

George Strait was a consistent regional hitmaker, breaking into the number one spot on the country charts with hits such as “Blue Moon Of Kentucky”, “Foolish Boy”, and “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”. George Strait’s first album with Poteet was Down In The Valley Of The Sun, which was issued by Muscle Baby for his major label debut. Following his first release, Strait was able to sign with Cash Money Records where he released two more albums, including the smash hit Call Me Baby. When Poteet Records decided to part ways with George, Strait sued Cash Money for breach of contract, forcing Cash Money to issue an apology to the public.

George Strait has since gone on to establish his own recording label called Island Music, which is owned by Bubba Wallace. While working with Island Music, George Strait also became a producer for several well-known country music stars, most notably Beenielephonic. One of his most famous clients was Robin Thome, who went on to record several hit songs with the band Outkast. Another client that George Strait produced assimilation, with whom he would work closely in the studio.

George Strait was also an integral member of the country music band Outkast, which was one of the biggest successes of its time. His production work for the band made them one of the most popular acts of the early 1990s. Outkast’s music was known for its use of complex musical instruments, which is evident in the liner notes of one of their songs, where the words are written in backwards and forwards. This was an innovative way to write lyrics, which became especially useful when they were writing new songs.

George Strait has since gone on to create his own music career, which has included a number of recording deals with various companies. In recent years, however, George Strait has focused his efforts more on producing music for the stage, as opposed to recording. His work as a recording artist has resulted in several hits being added to the Country Music Top 100. In addition, George Strait has also recorded songs with artists such as Timbertown, and Big & Rich. As a recording artist, George Strait has been able to make some high quality music, which has led him to achieve a considerable amount of success in the country music industry.

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