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Freida Pinto is an Indian-American actress who has appeared primarily in British and American films. Born and raised in Mumbai, Pinto eventually decided at a very young age, to be an actress. She did not pursue this passion further as a student at St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai, where she took part in various amateur theater productions. In her mid-twenties, while appearing in some commercial roles, such as that of a dancer in ‘A Christmas Story’, she decided to change focus from performing to writing. Since then, she has gone on to enjoy successes in both fields and has moved into writing books as well as directing some features and shorts.

Freida Pinto’s real name is Frieda Pinto. This is due to her early schooling in Mumbai’s Chorale Walk, from the age of 14 where she was arrested for throwing stones at the police. Later on, this actress would change her name to Frieda Pinto, which became one of the most popular female names in Mumbai. Her father was a judge and she was known as Fanny. She studied at the Stuyves Perindopuro School in Mumbai.

Freida Pinto’s life has had quite a few turning points. She married a wealthy man in 1998 and had two children. In 2001, however, this actress was posthumously awarded the Order of the British empire OBE in recognition of her contribution to the Indian film industry. She later went on to act in numerous other films and has established herself as one of the best actresses in India today.

Freida Pinto’s extensive auditions in the film slumdog millionaire have seen her playing a variety of characters and this eventually led to her being cast as the lead character in the award winning movie Bratz. This was followed by her starring role in the blockbuster movie called Trainspotting. She has since gone on to star in the award winning movie called Kung Mangal Maal, which co- starred Michael Caine. Freida Pinto has also gone on to star in several Indian television programs, including Beyblade: Metal Fusion and Bollywood’s first animation, Kaizaji.

Although Freida Pinto’s career path has taken her across various genres of films, her heart is set on dramas. She has, on numerous occasions, expressed her love for acting and even appeared in a film as a romantic lead. The late Amitabh Bachan, another famous Indian actor, paid tribute to Pinto when he was interviewed on the India to France television program, Anandita. He said, “Pino is like an eternal girl, who doesn’t grow old but who continues to develop”. Freida Pinto fits this description perfectly and it’s obvious that her love of acting is going to continue to grow along with her success in her career.

Freida Pinto has gone from being an unknown actress to one of the most popular female actors here in India. Her name is a part of the Bollywood film slumdog millionaire syndrome. She has managed to change the course of her career by going from being a nobody to a household name. She has acted in such blockbuster films as Bratz, Kung Mangal Maal, Apne, Kya Kool Hain Hanjaa, Bridesmaid, Bridesmaids and Apne in the past few years and is now set to star in the animated film Brigsons, which is written and directed by Shimit Amin. Freida Pinto will have a great run as an actor than antao till she finally fulfills her destiny as a leading Hindi actress.

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