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Emily VanCamp has been nominated for Grammys in the Best Music, Best Lead Performance and Best Original Song categories for her song “Haitian Divorce” from the movie, The Blind Side. This was just another feather in her cap that she quickly climbed into. Emily VanCamp is an up-and-coming young star of the media. She has had a number of notable roles that have made her one of the most talented and promising talents in Hollywood today. Born in Canada, Emily VanCamp was bringing up playing sports and other extracurricular activities by her parents, both of whom also played music.

Emily VanCamp was born in Port Perry, Jamaica where her father was a musician. He played the harmonica until he was injured in a car accident which left him with a cleft palate. This injury prompted Emily to focus on acting instead. She went on to join the playwright’s troupe and after three years, she graduated to the ranks of the Ojibway tribe in North America. During this time, Emily earned a reputation for being a top-notch actress and even won an award for Outstanding Actress in a Leading Role at the 65th Academy Awards.

After several years in Los Angeles, Emily VanCamp decided to move to New York City and pursued a career in acting. She appeared in some popular movies such as Pretty Woman, Chicago and eventually became known as one of the best Canadian actresses of all time. It was also during this time that she received some much sought after awards for her film performances including an additional Oscar nomination for her role in the critically acclaimed Diva. Other notable works include the films Meet the Parents and Signs and Strangers and Emily’s own life book, titled Emily VanCamp: A Memoir. She has since gone on to receive additional honors for her performances in movies such as The Blind Side, Crazy Heart and finally the hugely successful The Railway Man.

So, what is it about Emily VanCamp that has made her an actor of choice for such established and renowned producers? The answer to this question actually revolves around her ability to bring out the character and spirit of the characters she portrays. It is almost impossible for anyone to sustain a lifelong career as an actor if their acting is confined to movies. Most people are able to sustain a career on television but this does not mean that they will be able to sustain a long and prosperous career on the film industry. Emily VanCamp has managed to adapt to various forms of acting throughout her 34 years of experience and this is something that every leading lady should aim for if they wish to achieve success in their career.

Furthermore, Emily VanCamp has proven her ability to rise to the occasion when it comes to acting. She has been one of the best known Canadian actresses of all time and this is very likely attributed to her being able to play the character of Winnie in the award winning movie The Graduate. For anyone who has seen the movie, it is quite easy to understand why she was chosen as the lead role by director Wes Anderson. While Canadian actresses have often been allowed to star in major Hollywood blockbusters, VanCamp was more than capable of taking on the role of young seductress, which critics everywhere agreed was the right role at the time.

Another reason as to why Emily VanCamp has gained international popularity is due to the television series, she has been involved with. For someone who has never been given the chance to act in a feature film or television series, these roles can prove extremely intimidating. However, VanCamp has proved that she is not the type of actress that should be afraid to try new things and do exciting and different things. In fact, this has been the hallmark of her career so far. Her first two films that she was involved in were both successful in their own right and she then went on to star in the hit movie The Piano.

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