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Elizabeth Reaser Measurements: Body, Bra, Waist, Hips, & Shoe Size

Elizabeth Reaser was born in Gravesville, Mississippi and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. She was a second year college student when she started working on the movie version of King Kong. Reaser’s career than spanned parts of four decades, with appearances in movies such as King Kong (19zilla) and Frankenstein (Godzilla). However, her most famous role would be in the award-winning King Kong movie. Reaser has also worked in television and on the stage, but her most notable achievement is probably her role as Elizabeth Reaser in the remake of King Kong.

Elizabeth Reaser’s greatest claim to fame may be her starring role as Elizabeth Reaser in the 1976 cult comedy film King Kong. In this film, Reaser plays a character called “Reaper” who lives with his own colony of humanoids called the Kraken. The Kraken, or rather their leader, has other interests which he does not share with the other creatures. The two disagree about the fate of the female warrior princess, who has been surgically implanted with a nuclear warhead. If the Female dies, the male will have no choice but to sacrifice his own daughter to complete the nuclear warhead. The Female then transforms into a monster and attacks King Kong.

Elizabeth Reaser has appeared in other fantasy/horror TV shows such as Supergirl, Smallville, The Twilight Zone, The Dead Zone, Campione, among others. She has also been on screen in the feature films A Dangerous Man, Don’t Sleep, and M.A.S.H. She even guest stars in some TV series, most notably guest-starring on an episode of Roseanne, which was directed by David Fincher. This is on a cable network called Spike TV.

In the twilight saga, Elizabeth Reaser returns as the formidable and powerful lead character, known as the “Queen of Hearts”. She is the best known and most trusted practitioner of dark arts, who use her magical powers for evil instead of for good. She is an expert in hypnotism and mind control. She has been seen as a very dangerous and misunderstood character in the Twilight saga, which is why many of the book’s fans are not familiar with her name, or the true nature of her character.

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Elizabeth Reaser Measurements

Figure Measurements 34-24-32
Body Size 32B
Bra Size 32B
Waist Size 24 inches (61 cm)
Hips Size
Shoe Size 8 (US)
Height  5′ 5″ (1.65 m)
Weight 56 kg (123 pounds)

Elizabeth Reaser has been portrayed as a strong and formidable character throughout the Twilight saga. It has been said that she has appeared in a total of fourteen films and four TV series. She has appeared in the films Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and New Moon II. She is consistently depicted as a formidable and powerful character in all these movies and TV series. She is also the mother of one of the main characters in the Twilight saga, Edward Cullen.

As the queen of the twilight sagas, it is quite likely that Elizabeth Reaser will be featured in at least one more movie in the future. It would be great if we get to see her again in the future Harry Potter film series, where she may play the dark witch Dolores Dorey. We may even see her in the future installment of the Twilight saga, The Hunger Games. Or, maybe you just want her to star as Alice in Wonderland, the famous Lewis Carroll’s book.

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