Eliza Doolittle

Eliza Doolittle

Eliza Doolittle was a famous British actress, who had a long and distinguished career that spanned four decades. She is probably best known for her performance as the title character in the smash hit fair lady movie. Eliza Doolittle was the lead protagonist in the 1964 film Fair Lady Who was played by Audrey Hepburn. As a 16-year-old Cockney flower girl living in Lisson Grove, London Eliza comes in contact with Professor Henry Higgins, who teaches her the art of executrix, a form of Victorian opera. Eliza eventually falls in love with the much older man, but their relationship is put under strain when Eliza’s grandmother passes away. After the death of her grandmother, Eliza returns to her homeland, taking up work as a cabaret singer in the West End.


In the book, Eliza Doolittle eventually marries John Taylor, the artist and critic. Shortly thereafter, they have a son named Arthur, who becomes increasingly interested in music, literature and architecture, and wants to continue studying. However, it is whilst studying in London that the couple get to know one another again, when Audrey Hepburn’s tuberculosis symptoms are cured. Eliza Doolittle eventually marries John Taylor (again) and lives in Westminster, while continuing to work as a cabaret singer.


On the day of her marriage to John Taylor she is told that her maid has just given birth to her second son, Harry, whom she plans to name Harry Alexander. This is where the true identity of Eliza Doolittle begins. For the next two years she uses her maiden name, Ella Sue Hunt, to hide her real identity. She returns to her original name and stage name of Eliza Doolittle during this time. However, when the couple’s eldest son, Harry arrives in England from Australia, they decide to change back into their original names, Eliza Doolittle and Harry Alexander respectively.


Two and a half years later, on the day of the christening of their fourth son, Harry Alexander, Eliza Doolittle takes Harry to the notice of his godmother, Mrs. Hunt. Mrs. Hunt suspects that Eliza may be attempting to claim the baby as her own, and therefore decides to go and have a word with Eliza. Eliza is told by the matron of honor, however, that she will not be able to take Harry immediately because she is four years old and therefore must stay at home until the baby is older.


Eliza continues to live with her mother in West Wickham, a small working class community near the railway station in London. As the musical lady prepares for school, she forms an extracurricular club with the help of a mutual friend in order to keep busy during the months of summer. Eliza also spends some time going to “the ritzy” Oxley Square in London, where she meets a rich, innocent, and gullible man, Richard Branson. Branson helps Eliza learn how to sing, and the two spend much of their free time together.


Eliza Doolittle finally makes her public debut when she appears in the British film, Love Actually. The film follows her character from her early days as a schoolgirl who tries to get out of her shell to meet a handsome older man. After some time, Eliza gets to know Branson well enough, and he falls in love with her, but she backs off and begins to work privately in her own studio. Eliza’s self-titledEP is not successful in the United Kingdom and does not receive a star rating.

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