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Diane Keaton was born in 1906 in Pittsburgh. Her first career break was playing varsity football, but she was a year later graduated from Harvard University where she pursued a degree in theatre. She then joined the ranks of stars that went on to become known as “The Golden Girls” in a series of popular television shows. After a spell on Broadway, she went on to star in such movies as It’s a Wonderful Life and The Godfather. Her last movie to be produced was Meet the Parents.

Diane Keaton’s own life is documented in her own movies. She was married to Richard Burton singles for control over his character in one of his famous comedies. They had two children before divorcing in 1917. Their daughter, Lee, became a well-known illustrator, while her son, Edward, became a world renowned artist. Their daughter, Rita, is an artist of children’s books and grew up writing for her mother.

As a biographer of Keaton, one should also take into consideration her attitude toward her acting career. During the early years of her career, as a child, she was often criticized for her wooden acting skills. She often found herself the target of bullies at school. But, she always showed great passion and determination to prove herself. She went on to play the same characters in many more films, all of which managed to keep her name in front of movie audiences’ minds.

A biographer should also take into account her notable personal relationships. She had a close friend, Jeanette Kettering, whom she met while filming Rosemary Laube in 1944. She also worked with director John Ford and Broadway’s director, Edith Scolding, whom she also loved. Following the death of her first husband, Richard Burton, she met Edward Keates, whom she later married.

A biography of Dianne Keaton also brings into light her notable personal accomplishments. She was a pioneering woman, who held a number of important jobs during her lifetime. She was a world-renowned fashion designer, who designed clothing for top CEOs, including Hilton Head resort owner Hilton Hanks. She also served as a journalist for several periodicals, including Ladies Home magazine.

A biographer must also be careful when quoting her famous quotes. One can have a huge effect on people by quoting lines from her novel, Please Give Me a Break. But, one should be careful not to quote passages from that book and use them as a source of quotations for a biography of Dianne Keaton. This is because those passages were said many times, and they can be taken out of context. There are also instances where she was lampooned in a later work of her, but the quote refers to an entirely different incident.

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