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Danielle Bradbery

Danielle Bradbery

Danielle Bradbery is an American recording artist. She is best known for her work with other artists such as Owl City, Dot Da Genius, Skye Terrell Young, Skye Broyles, and others. Her music has been featured on several albums including I’m a Believer, Take Me Home Tonight, and You’re Gotta Give Me Some Love. Her music has been compared to the sound of J. Geilsworth’s. This is because both have a similar style of singing. Many consider her music to be pop music due to its synths and beats.


Danielle Bradbery grew up in Austin, Texas, where she was a very popular child singer. She started learning to play the guitar when she was eight years old, but her career spanned only three years before she was cast as the lead role in the movie, The Perks of Being a Celebrity. She went on to have small roles in movies such as Swing Vote with John Travolta, and The Perfect Score with Ava Gardner. She finally became a celebrity when she was cast in the film Finding Nemo, and she instantly became one of the most popular childrens’ singers.


Her role as Ariel in Finding Nemo made her famous, and she has since achieved great success in her acting career. She has also released several singles and has been nominated for an Academy Award for her role as the caring, sweet fish Blather. Her role as the shy and reserved Blather earned her a Best Actress award at the 2007 Oscars, and she is now up for a Best Supporting Actress award for her role in The Last Seduction of a Succeeding Singer category for her performance alongside Reese Witherspoon. Her other awards include an Oscar nomination for her role as Ariel in Finding Nemo, and she was also nominated for an Academy Award for her role as Jeanette in Waking Sleeping with Other Stuff.


In her personal life, Danielle Bradbery has had quite a few memorable moments. She was married twice, first to Richard Finkle, the guitarist, and later to Eddie Van Halen. They were married for 25 years before separating in the early nineties. While their marriage was ending, she was inspired to develop her own career and change her name, taking on the name of her much loved son. She has also remained active in both her acting career and her music career and remains a top-selling singer and songwriter today.


Danielle Bradbery’s life and career can be seen on the American Country Countdown website. This website celebrates those who have had many of their lives’ great moments. Many people are surprised to see just how successful Danielle Bradbery really is, because this is not your average singer and songwriter. She is very well educated, a graduate of Wells College in Portland Oregon, has a master’s degree, and has a background in teaching and schooling. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a teacher, then this might be your chance.


Danielle Bradbery has made several visits to her Alma mater, Welles College. She also studied art, specifically painting, for about a year in college. Her artistic tastes do include more traditional and formal styles, including renaissance and baroque. Her friend zone is eclectic, as she is a great conversationalist, able to bring many different people from all walks of life to her concerts and functions. Her friend zone is as diverse as her music, which would make for an interesting person to get along with. As a songwriter and performer, she has created scores of hit songs that have topped the pop charts, including hits for Cyndi Lauper, Taylor Swift, and many others.

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