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Coleen Nolan is a famous British singer, television personality, and book writer. She is best known for her appearances as oneself in a series of British sitcoms, The Modular Kids, and as herself in several films including Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and Spider-Man 3. Prior to her television appearances, Nolan was an up and coming member of the British pop group, The Nolans. She was a popular member of this group because of her beautiful singing voice, as well as her distinctive look. Since 2001, she’s also been a regular panellist on the popular ITV chat show, Loose Women.

Coleen began her acting career after leaving The Nolans. She had a stint in television soap opera “Providence” where she played the part of a mother who struggled to raise her children while working in a London hotel. Following the split from The Nolans, she went on to play the lead role in the hit film, Saturday. Though her film roles were minimal, she received critical acclaim for playing the lead role in this film. This led to her being cast as the lead in the much bigger hit, Bridesmaids, opposite Helena Bonham Carter and Julia Roberts.

Despite her lack of screen time, Coleen has managed to establish a considerable net worth. In fact, her earnings are even higher than those of Stanna Whitlands who was once known for her role as a barmaid in the movie, Bridesmaids. While Whitlands is now retired, Nolan has continued to act throughout her life. She has guest acted on television shows such as Family Ties, The Mentalist, spinoff of The Firm, and countless others. It’s safe to say that the public is aware of Nolan’s name and her impressive credentials as a presenter, speaker, and producer.

For someone who started out such a young age, Coleen’s early life was filled with hardships. She experienced the death of both her father and brother during childhood. Her family was not stable and she was often left alone by her stepmother. She was also very unhappy at times and began singing with her sisters at a very young age, which she enjoyed immensely.

The impressive career that she began later in life as a performer came about following the death of her stepfather, whom she had never really loved. She received notice for her first ever full length play, A Raft of Angels, directed by Declan Dunning and starring Edie Falco. It was this production that would help set the stage for the successful careers that would follow throughout her entire acting career.

Coleen’s next major role would be in the series regular role of Jeanette Deering in the popular television series titled Dukes of Hazard. She played the first female pirate in the history of television and did an amazing job in the role. While filming Dukes of Hazard, she would experience the death of a close friend of hers, and in true Hollywood style, found the strength to go on and play another episode of her beloved show. After that episode was filmed, she began working on an episode of another popular television show, titled Dune, for which she would receive multiple award nominations and win several awards.

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