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Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton is a contemporary American artist known for his smooth vocals and acoustic guitar playing. He is best known for creating songs with other artists like Miguel Cabo and Lady Ga. Blake Shelton first gained attention with his work with artists like Ashanti, Boyz II Men and Khayaousef. From that era of popularity came his highly successful solo career, where he has recorded several duets with singers like Chris Brown, Smokey Robinson and Ray Vaughan. His work with other artists helped pave the way for his own distinct sound, which he is well known for.

Blake Shelton’s early years were spent in foster homes, and he spent much of his time in and around the foster care system as a child. It was in these years that he would begin to hone his craft as a country music singer. After leaving a foster home, he signed with Atlantic Records and began working with famous recording artist like Paul Simon and Timbaland. Later he went on to record his first major label album called “Blake Shelton: The Best American Kid Rap Rapper” which peaked at number twelve on the charts.

“Blake Shelton: The Best American Kid Rap Rapper” was certified gold and was able to stay in the spotlight for several months which helped him build a reputation as an exciting new artist. After a string of successful singles “King of My House” and “Love is in the air”, it was his second single “Don’t Play This Song” that would help give him the exposure he needed to hit the big time. This single also made its way onto the country singles chart. In fact, it was “Don’t Play This Song” that would push Blake Shelton into the spotlight with artists like Pitbull and Trace Ayala. With the single becoming a top ten hit, it pushed Blake’s career into high gear.

Once again he was a hit as the follow up single “Love is in the air” which was certified gold. ” Blake Shelton: The Best American Kid Rap Rapper” took another few months to reach the top ten before being replaced by David Cook and finally topping out at number three. This gave him time to work with well-known producer Timbaland and he hit number four with his next single ” Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”. This followed a string of hits that included” Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”,” Yeah! You Really Want Me”, and ” Daddy Do The Twist”. All of which rose to the top twenty and made Blake Shelton the highest paid male in the history of the chart.

When he took another turn with country music, “Home of the Greatest Love” was the next single from his second album which was an instant hit. The next several albums including “Shake Your Body” and “The Comeback” have also been certified hits and helped pave the way for Blake’s fourth studio album, which came out in 2021. “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” was released as the title track on his fifth studio album and was certified gold. The new song was a huge hit and had the most charting songs of all time, while still maintaining a steady gain in the country music top ten.

The last of the six studio albums which comprised Blake Shelton’s first major break through was “Songs From the New Black” which debuted at number sixteen on the country singles chart. The single reached number one on both the pop and R&B charts and became the first platinum single of the decade. He ended up winning the best male award that year for this feat. For his efforts, he was nominated for a slew of awards including a Grammys, an MTV Video Music Award, a BET Award, a Satellite Award, and several others.

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