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Bailey Madison was born in Louisiana. At a very young age, Bailey was inspired by the works of Dr. Seuss. As a child, she also became fascinated by the fairy tales and stories written about them. In particular, she was obsessed with the stories where the main characters were always children. These shaped Bailey’s future path as an actress and singer. She attended the Peabody Conservatory of St. Lawrence University in New York City, studying acting.

When Bailey Madison was just thirteen years old, her parents divorced. Her mother then entered the adult life of a man named Steven Baile. Bailey was deeply influenced by the woman she saw growing up, and this made her want to be a part of the entertainment industry. This led Bailee to begin studying acting at the Conservatory of St. Lawrence. She became a regular on campus drama programs. She also became known as “The Dormouse” because of her caring nature and kindness toward others.

In 2021, Bailey Madison began a relationship with Jacob Lofland, an intern who worked in her internship. Their relationship soon blossomed into marriage and a daughter, Emilee Rose Madison. At the time, Bailey was learning to play the role of a parent in her daughter’s life while dealing with her own issues involving an abusive father. She continued to study acting, taking various acting classes at the Conservatory of St. Lawrence. She discovered that acting could be a way to help her deal with some of her problems.

After graduating in 2021, Bailey Madison was cast in the films The Pursuit of Happyness (which was made by Will Smith and DaneUntouchables), The Firm (starring Will Smith) and The Informant! She then appeared in the television series The Mentalist as a medical examiner. In the TV movie American Crime, she played an older version of herself, called The Consultant. All of these roles earned Bailee the notice of Hollywood, which started to promote her to the next level of stardom.

In August of 2021, Bailey Madison was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in the film Notes on a Scandal (which was co-starred by her younger brother, Jacob). It was an amazing award for Bailey, considering that she had never been nominated before for a major role in a film. In the months following her win, Bailee and Jacob were featured in an interesting photograph Instagram posted on their personal Facebook page. The photograph showed Bailey standing next to her older brother, jokingly asking him if he was happy. Jacob responded by saying, “Tell you what…if I’m happy, you’re happy.”

The two Baileys have since become good friends. Jacob is said to visit Bailey’s home frequently. They also spend time at Jacob’s other movie shoots, like Inglourious Basterds and Kill Bill. Their friendship has also extended to their social media sites, where they share a number of pictures and posts on their lives. Other celebrities that have made a social media connection with Bailee include Jessica Alba, Kate Winslet, Celine Dion and Drew Barrymore.

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