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Ashley Roberts is an American professional singer, dancer, actor, and model. She is also a member of the popular pop/rock girl band The Pussycat Dolls and has been dancing since she was a child. Her childhood musical influences were the Beach Boys, the Temptations, and the Four Seasons. Today Ashley is best known for her role as Holly Golightly in the movie, The Social Network.

Ashley is also known for being an accomplished dancer, choreographer, and vocalist. In the late eighties, Ashley Roberts started performing on the dance circuit. She was part of the world famous Dance Revolution team that competed in the national championships in both the United States and Canada. In the process of being a contestant on the show she developed a love for dancing, which she continued to express throughout her career.

Throughout her career Ashley Roberts became known for her energetic performances as well as her elegant vocal talents. She was named the year’s top artist by Entertainment Tonight and also received numerous awards for her work in the singing category. Later on in her career, she began dancing in choreography as well as voice-overs for commercials and music videos.

Ashley became a versatile performer thanks to her passion for dancing and her mother was a Pilates instructor. She learned to juggle and perform acrobatic moves while still keeping her natural rhythm and grace. Eventually, after working with the world famous choreographer, Moises Samant in Los Angeles, Ashley became known as a ballroom dancer. Later on, she began performing salsa music, contemporary and classic Latin songs and even ballroom dances for which she was extremely successful. Her credits also include being a featured dancer on the world famous musical “Dancing With The Stars”.

After several years of successfully performing and winning shows, Ashley Roberts decided to go into stand-up comedy. She began to go on tour with her mother’s old troupe and even appeared on Broadway. Later she went onto do a series of comedy specials on television and was known as the “usa” in one of them. She finally returned to performing on the stage in the lead role of an American musical, “Love Actually”. Later on she went on to star in the movie “wings” as a character who came back into the limelight as a masked singer in the movie “The Blind Side”.

In the current tour,” Wings” Ashley Roberts will be back as the “usa” in the second series of “The Blind Side”. This time she will be appearing alongside the original “usa” in the first series. This is another exciting role for an up and coming star like Ashley. If you want to see the next great American musical hit, keep an eye out for “The Nutty Professor” starring Ashley Roberts and the “Dancing with the Stars” characters.

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