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Alisha Newton is an American actress and professional horse player. She is best known for her role as Georgiella on the Canadian TV show Heartland. She is also well known for having been married to a former NASCAR driver, Mark Martin. In 2021, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She successfully completed the surgery, and in 2021, she was released from the hospital.

Alisha Newton’s life has had some interesting twists and turns. Born in Grenada, Alisha became a quickly rising star in her own right quickly moving up the acting ladder. She was one of the first African-American actresses in Hollywood when she was cast in the lead role in the award winning movie, Scarface. Following that great performance, Alisha Newton signed on for several other movies and shows, such as Love Boat, Bringing Out The Sun, and The Perfect Score. She finally received the recognition that she deserved for Heartland, her first and only movie role in Hollywood.

Alisha Newton’s story begins just over a century after the Civil War, in what is now Texas. Now a widower, Alisha Newton returns to her old hometown as a divorced woman. Though her marriage to Martin had been performed in a legal way, in order to save face, Alisha attempts to remarry Martin in order to avoid the stigma of being labeled a “bride gone bad.” Throughout all of this, she maintains her passion for horses, as well as her desire to be a talented athlete.

Through the course of her career, Alisha Newton has had many roles in movies, plays, and television shows. However, her most famous role to date would have to be in the acclaimed film, Invictus. She played the role of Max Goldman, an American serviceman who was held prisoner in Vietnam. She bravely played the role of a war widow, while also winning an Oscar for Best Actress in the category of Best Music, Original Score. In fact, The Oscar acceptance speech for Alisha Newton’s win for Inglourious Basterds highlighted her acting abilities.

Perhaps Alisha Newton’s greatest role to date would have to be in the movie No Ordinary Family. Now, the only surviving daughter of a wealthy family, Alisha Newton plays the role of a single mother living with her sister and two boys in Depression-era New York City. The character of Paprika was based on a real life situation that Alisha Newton had experienced in her own life. Paprika is a hard-working waitress at a diner where her husband works, but after a night of drunken celebration where her husband had to walk her sister home, Paprika is fired from her job.

Instead of going on her merry way, however, Alisha Newton returns to New York City determined to find work. At one point in the movie, Alisha Newton also briefly gets past her racism and prejudice due to her relationship with a black man (John Karras). Throughout the late 80s and early 90s, Alisha Newton also gained a reputation as a boxing expert thanks to her participation in various boxing matches, which earned her a share of the world heavyweight championship titles. It was also through Alisha Newton’s participation in various boxing matches that she was able to realize her talent as a singer. Later on, her song, “Boxing,” would become Alisha Newton’s first number to reach the top of the pop charts.

Alisha Newton is one of the best known and most respected Canadian actors of modern times. She has had a variety of successful careers both on television and in films. Her notable roles have kept her in the forefront of fans’ minds when it comes to characters such as nurses, dinner ladies, and monsters. Through her many roles, Alisha Newton has managed to establish her place in the annals of Canadian cinema.

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