Iranian-Australian actress

Alin Sumarwata

Alin Sumarwata (born Alissa de Lotto) is an Iranian actress known for her darkly sensuous good looks. Alin plays the character of Nada Dincin in the Australian soap opera, The Body Shop. She appeared in the second season of the show. In fact, she impressed viewers during the first few episodes with what is hoped to be a very good performance as the character Nada Dincin.

What does Alin Sumarwata have in common with her fellow Iranian actresses? First, both are beautiful but not necessarily in the same category. Most people would say that Iranians are just more attractive than others, while many others would rank Sumarwata’s face features as somewhere between a South Asian and a Caucasian woman. But then who is Alin? And how did her career start? Here are some interesting facts on Alin:

Alin Sumarwata was born in Iran, the country that is now called Iran. Just like many other young actresses of her time, Alin spent her early years in Los Angeles, California. She was studying acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, located on Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard. During this time, she acted in a number of different television shows such as the gritty TV series Angels with Dirty Faces, the long-running soap opera Dirty Married, and the movie Tokyo Suite.

Then, in the third season of the soap opera East West 101, Alin played the role of Nada Dincin, an evil character who was a nemesis of the protagonist, Gabrielle (inton Smith). However, according to IMDB, Alin was not happy with her role and was not particularly happy about the role until the producers asked her to do a scene for a possible feature film adaptation of the same character. Alin agreed and the rest is history. Alin was then cast to play the lead role in the Indonesian soap opera, cuts. There are many speculations on what Alin is good at, or bad at, but whatever the case, Alin has been an interesting and charismatic character on the small screen.

When East West 101 first aired, most critics and viewers alike were critical of Alin Sumarwata’s performance as Nada Dincin, but the actress managed to garner more support from critics and audiences alike when the show began to receive wider exposure. After receiving positive reviews from critics, as well as a number of viewers, Alin began to star in and produce her own shows, including the hit web-series Novinities with Don Johnson. Novinities was a mixture of humor, sketches and character study, while Alin Sumarwata played the role of the adult women who fell for Nada Dincin and went on to seduce him and force him into marriage. The shows became highly popular with both male and female viewers and was so popular that it was canceled after its third season

Since joining the cast of in the recurring role of Nada Dincin, Alin has appeared in various other popular soap operas, as well as films. Her notable roles include the lead role of Kismet Gremo in Starry Eyes, and she also appeared in the award winning film, Chung Sung Doo. Alin has also been nominated three times for Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress In a Comedy Series and has received a number of accolades and recognition for her work. As she continues to move into the world of theater and movie production, there is no telling how far her career will take her.

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