Education Insurance Policy in Bangladesh

Education Insurance in Bangladesh all updates we are writing in this post. In past, You may listen to Life Insurance, Auto Mobile Insurance and more another Insurance service. Currently, we are describing Education Insurance and it’s policy. The Company or Organization provides Education Insurance in Bangladesh; we will add a complete list. Too many Donors are available who provides Free Scholarship Million of Dollar in Every Year. People of Bangladesh thing it’s like Insurance, but not. Are you looking for Education Insurance Service? Let’s start reading the body post and get a clear concept.

What is Insurance?

Insurance means protection of financial Loss. People all over the world make Insurance for keeping themselves tension free. They will receive a big financial Support as per Insurance policy.

What is Education Insurance?

Education Insurance means the Insurance which makes on Educational Institute, Educational Service or Organization. Imagine a people from Bangladesh Visit a country from Higher Education. He or She can make Education Insurance.

Education Insurance Policy in Bangladesh

Education Insurance Service Provider:

In Bangladesh, MetLife is providing Education Insurance. They named it Education Protection Plan (EPP). They provide the Opportunity: Personal Accidental Coverage provides the maximum of Tk. 20, 00,000 and its proportionate amount as defined above. For housewives, and policy owners of age 25 or below the Maximum Coverage would be Tk. 10, 00,000.

Why Life Insurance?

When buying life insurance, an insured amount is paid out to the beneficiary upon the death of the insured. The policyholder pays a regular amount, called premium, in order to receive the coverage. These premiums are based on factors, such as age, gender, medical history, and the value amount of life insurance you purchase.

In case something unfortunate happens to the insured, the life insurance will provide money directly to the beneficiaries. A life insurance doesn’t only provide protection, but also is a form of financial planning, as the beneficiaries could use the money for:

  • Making up for your lost income
  • Funding a child’s education
  • Paying off household debt

Certain types of life insurance may provide benefits for you and your family while you are still living. Some policies will offer a payout upon maturity or when surrendering. However, the different types of life insurances are priced differently.

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