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Diane Lane is an American actress and producer. Also born and raised in New York City, Lane first made her screen appearance at the age of thirteen in George Roy Hill’s original A Little Romance. In the film, a major supporting role also was played by Laurence Olivier, whom she dubbed “the new Grace Kelly.” This was an important role as it was both a love story and an acting role for Lane.

After that movie, a series of acclaimed movies followed including The Bodyguard, Swing Vote, Pretty Woman, Leave Me to die, and The Game. All of these featured Diane Lane, as well as Christopher Walken, Dan Aykroyd, and Jack Nicholson. The Bodyguard, in particular, is one of my favorite of all of her outings and this DVD contains the entire movie.

Here is the plot of the movie: a newlywed couple is invited to a lavish hotel party by a man they met in an ad. Once there, they become distracted from their wedding plans by a series of events that include a shoot out in a mall, a plane crash, and the kidnapping of a member of the couple’s extended family. The movie follows their attempts to reunite with their loved ones, as they are aided by an unexpected appearance from an old friend of theirs. The Bodyguard is directed by Blake Edwards and is set to be one of the year’s most popular films. If you want to experience a fantastic Diane Lane screen presence, I highly recommend this film.

The following film starring Diane Lane is The Game. The movie itself is very entertaining and follows the lives of three high school athletes (two of which are amazingly talented football players), who as teammates try to win a national championship. As one of the star athletes, Lane delivers an excellent performance as she tries to keep her teammates involved in the whole game. In particular, I enjoyed her role as the star quarterback, where she teaches the young men the true meaning of a national championship. I also thought that Diane Lane was great in the movie as the bad mom, who tries to help her daughter throughout the game.

The last film starring Diane Lane is the final installment of her long and interesting career. It is entitled The Edge of Paradise and the movie was directed by David Fincher. The Edge of Paradise is set in present day Las Vegas and centers on a pair of teenage boys. Michael (Sterling Hayden) and Jake (Aaron Ruell) are both avid soccer players who spend their days practicing and playing soccer against other local teams. One night, however, they get together with their friends to celebrate the team’s victory over arch enemy, the rival church. Everything goes well until Michael suffers an accidental shooting spree, killing his best friend and cousin, Jacob (John Turturro).

Although it was not in Banksy’s original plans, this movie star has definitely brought a new meaning to the words “a little romance” for me. The Edge of Paradise is not only a hilarious romantic comedy, but it is also a very emotional film, as the bereaved Michael and his friend’s tragic death haunts him and prompts him to want to win back his ex-girlfriend, Sarah (Diane Lane). I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of Banksy’s work, especially anyone who lives in or near a city with a large Jewish population. If you are looking for a good movie starring Diane Lane, The Edge of Paradise is worth a look.

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