Samsung Galaxy P10 5G 2021 Price, Specs, Release Date

Samsung Galaxy P10 5G is the newest member of the Galaxy series. It is a mid-budget smartphone which comes packed with features and applications to appeal to all age groups. Samsung claims that the new smartphone has all the high-end technologies packed into one convenient package, the reason why it can be considered as a miniature personal assistant. And in a nutshell, what we have here is a smart phone that do everything and is quite capable of doing it all!

Samsung Galaxy P10 5G is the latest offering from Samsung and has already created a buzz around Samsung’s shores. Its biggest advantage over other smartphone devices is its design. It’s sleek and modern, while at the same time being quite handy and durable. The body is made of high quality material and is definitely durable. Apart from that, it has also been given a full body suit which gives it a complete and stylish look. Samsung Galaxy P10 5G has a very attractive and sophisticated look.

Samsung Galaxy P10 5G also boasts a powerful chipset that works well with Samsung’s BQE and UTILK platforms. If you compare Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC Desire with this smartphone, you will find out that the former relies a lot on mobile web browsing and the latter on gaming. Samsung Galaxy P10 5G falls under the former category. However, it is worth mentioning that this handset would work just fine on any android mobile platform.

Samsung Galaxy P10 5G’s hardware comes with an octa-core processor that is much faster than the previous generation’s clocked in at Quad-A. This processor is paired with Samsung’s Exynos processor, the only chip in the smart phone that runs on the older BQE platform. Samsung Galaxy P10 5G also has Samsung’s own UTI series that offers users a number of incentives. Samsung Galaxy P10 5G comes with an excellent connectivity package, as it has been equipped with some of the best networks in the world such as GSM mobile network in Korea, CDMA mobile network in Japan, HSCSS modem and UFS in the United Kingdom.

Samsung Galaxy P10 5G can be considered as one of the most impressive smartphones when it comes to storage and memory. It offers users over 5GB of space, which is more than what most other smartphone manufacturers can provide. This also means that users can easily upload their files and enjoy unlimited browsing and downloading. Samsung Galaxy P10 5G’s memory has features that make it perfect for downloading and uploading apps such as Samsung apps and Samsung games.

Samsung Galaxy P10 5G can also be considered as a unique device that offers users something new that they cannot get from any other smartphone. Samsung has taken the innovative process further by incorporating it into the design of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung Galaxy S4 looks similar to the Galaxy S3 but comes with a larger screen and a sleeker design that make it more attractive and elegant.

Samsung Galaxy P10 5G 2021 Price – $1199

Country Price (Expected)
1. Price in India 88500 INR.
2. Price in Pakistan 183900 PKR
3. Price in Bangladesh 101590 BDT
4. Price in Nigeria 455000 NGN.
5. Price in Mexico 24265 MXN
6. Price in Russia 89900 RUB
7. Price in Euro Country 999 EUR

Samsung Galaxy P10 5G 2021: Full Specifications & Features

Samsung Galaxy P10 5G can be considered as the best mobile in the market when it comes to technology and features. The large screens offer a bright and sharp image quality at all times. Samsung has also utilized its Galaxy S4’s Ultra Black features to further increase the visual appeal of the Samsung Galaxy P10. Samsung Galaxy P10 has a 5.1 inches Super AMOLED screen that offers a clearer picture quality.

Samsung Galaxy P10 5G can be considered as the ultimate gadget for those who are always on the go. With the help of Samsung Galaxy P10, one can be able to enjoy a hassle free travel. Users will not face any problem when it comes to connectivity. The Samsung Galaxy P10 offers users a dual SIM card which offers them a perfect traveling package. By accessing Samsung Galaxy P10’s Dual SIM feature, one can easily enter any other network besides Samsung Galaxy P10. Samsung Galaxy P10 offers a lot to its users and this is why the handset continues to amaze people with its high performance and unmatched user experience.

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