Samsung Galaxy A100 Release Date, Price, Specs, Feature

Samsung Galaxy A100 is a mid range Android phone that features a full QWERTY keyboard with dedicated keypad. It has a very large keypad and the larger one allows for easier use. Samsung Galaxy A100 ( 2021) features a powerful multimedia interface. The phone sports six.7 inch super amoledhd screen with horizontally disposed and protected Gorilla glass, six on the touch sensitive screen, samsung galaxy a100 ( 2021) specifications.

Samsung Galaxy A100 ( 2021) has got some unique features that make it different from others. It comes with a high definition camera lens, motion sensor, dual LED (flash) plus dual speaker phones, music player, micro SD and USB card reader, Bluetooth, WiFi, USB cable, GPRS, memory card reader, digital camera and so on. This Samsung phone also offers unique features such as direct dial, text to speech, air text message, video cam, infrared camera, self-timer, clock, date and weather widget. Other features that are not present in any other A hundred series mobile phones like heart rate monitor, GPS and so on.

Samsung Galaxy A100 ( 2021) has got a touch screen mobile phone which has an eye catching wallpaper and a soft touch interior with various customizable home screens. The Samsung Galaxy A100 has got a smooth interface with smooth fonts, smooth icons, smooth menus, smooth notification panel and many other features. Samsung Galaxy A100 has got a high end handset which features a physical keyboard. It is a complete user friendly device and does not have any difficult application like the iPhone or Android mobiles. You can download any applications from Samsung Galaxy A100 with ease

Samsung Galaxy A100 has got a powerful Media player with Samsung Kulture engine. Samsung Galaxy A100 has got a large memory card which supports microSD and memory stick. Samsung Galaxy A100 ( 2021) comes with a powerful processor, quattro hybrid power technology and has got a nice feature known as Air Gesture. This allows the users to control the mobile with just a single touch.

Samsung Galaxy A100 has got a built in dictionary. You can use the built in dictionary with its simplified keypad. Samsung Galaxy A100 series has got a very nice screen which has been laminated with anti-glare coating. The Samsung Galaxy A100 series mobile phone is equipped with quadrant touch technology and also has capacitive multi-touch technology. This makes the Samsung Galaxy A100 series very popular among the teenagers. This mobile phone has got a high resolution screen and it has been loaded with Samsung’s own Smart Language Engine, so that you do not have to understand what the text says.

Samsung Galaxy A100 has got a great connectivity options with the USB type C port, so that you can use your Samsung Galaxy A100 to connect to the USB devices and flash drives. You can also use the Bluetooth and the gigabit Ethernet ports on this phone. You can also upload the images and share them on Facebook using the Gallery. You can also watch videos on this phone using Samsung’s Video Recorder. You can connect the Samsung Galaxy A100 series to the Internet using the GPRS modem, so that you can access the World Wide Web on this mobile. You can also get the email services that are pre installed in this phone through Samsung’s e mail.

Samsung Galaxy A100 Key Features & Specifications:

Samsung Galaxy A100 Price:

The Price of the Galaxy A100 will be set as Rs 52,500 for Indian People. It will be released on 25th November 2021. So, Wait for releasing this Samsung Smartphone 2021 in your country.

Country Price (Expected)
1. Samsung Galaxy A100 5G 2021 Price in India 52500 INR.
2. Samsung Galaxy A100 5G 2021 Price in Pakistan 113500 PAK.
3. Samsung Galaxy A100 5G 2021 Price in Euro Country 605 EUR

Samsung Galaxy A100 series has got a 1.3 megapixel camera in it. This can be used for taking pictures and you can also make video calls. You can get a Samsung Galaxy A series with a thirty minute talk time. The memory of this phone is sixteen megabytes and it can store over two hundred and fifty songs. You can download Samsung Galaxy A100 series on various downloading websites online.

You can browse different Samsung Galaxy A series mobile reviews on different review websites so that you can get all the details about this phone. If you want to save money, then you should buy this phone online from any of the genuine Samsung distributor. All the retail stores will also sell these Samsung Galaxy A series mobiles at discounted rates. You can also avail discount gifts and freebies when you buy Samsung Galaxy A100 series phone.

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