Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz is a professional musician, singer and song writer who has been in the industry for several years. Born in Pittsburgh, Wisconsin, Jason Mraz spent much of his early years playing bass for bands such as Motley Crew, Black Sabbath, Slava Dragna and others. He honed his skills on the acoustic guitar before gaining attention for his vocal abilities on songs like “My Old School” with The Rolling Stones, “Pixeleen” with AC/DC, “I Get Around” with The Yardbirds and “Cocaine” by cocaine.

After leaving a band in 1996, Jason Mraz decided to pursue his musical career with an independent record label in Los Angeles, California called Relapse Records. He signed with Relapse and was co-frontman with Bosley Davis along with his other band members: vocalist Scott Weiland, bassist Geoff Giraldo, and drummer Phil Collins. The band had their first recording with the title My Lovin’ Pappy. Two weeks later, the album failed to sell which lead Jason Mraz to form Second Chance Fish, a project with The Fruity Lovers, featuring Weiland and Collins. Due to poor sales of their first album, Second Chance Fish was shelved.

Two years later, Jason Mraz returned with his sophomore album titled Jason Mraz Live. This album was released on July 7th, 2021 through Relapse Records, and featured former Slava Dragna member Scott Weiland on vocals. A month later, Jason Mraz received a phone call from Virgin Records with a tape of one of their new songs, “Waters Edge.” The band quickly decided to re-record the song, and released it as their first single off of Jason Mraz Live. The single reached number two on the pop radio chart, and has continually reached high numbers over the course of its life.

The band’s third studio album titled Jason Mraz: Here One Day was finally released in February of 2021 and featured Weiland once again. The single “My Sweet Lord” was released as a single, as was “Chante’s Got A Man”. The album was well received by both fans and critics, and Jason Mraz became back into the public’s eye.

A month after the release of Jason Mraz: Here One Day, Jason Mraz took the stage at the O2 Arena in London, England, to perform as a special guest for Nirvana. During his appearance, he performed without a guitar and without vocals, as he instead played a series of cover songs, ranging from country, to rock, to alternative. During the show, Nirvana were not only joined by their former lead singer Kurt Cobain and his original band members, but they also welcomed back their very popular bassist, Courtney Love, and their long-time singer, Kurt Cobain’s mom, Priscilla Bleach. Bleach also sang with Mraz, and Mraz played lead guitar for a short period of time. This performance was also attended by the King of Rock N Roll, Elvis Presley, along with several other well-known celebrities and musical acts.

Mraz then went on to headline some shows in America and had the opportunity to meet some of the music’s biggest stars. During the tour, Jason Mraz met with everyone from Rod Stewart to George Harrison, who introduced him to Jannick Martin, who he would play with in the upcoming movie, Superbad. Jannick Martin is best known for playing guitar in Thriller, Eat Pray Love, and even doing the animation voice of Shrek. Jason Mraz’s experience with American musicians and the supergroups that influenced him are discussed in detail on this great video.

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