Anna Nalick

Anna Nalick is an American country singer-songwriter known for her songs “Take Me Out” and “The Good Woman Blues.” Her first album, Wreck of the Day was released on April 2009, but left without a major record label when it was ignored by them. However, after the success of albums by Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Lady GaGa, they became more accessible to the public and were signed by RCA.

Anna Nalick first performed as a guest artist on David Cook’s radio show in 2002, garnering over two million listeners over her appearance. Later in the year, she appeared on American Idol and was selected as a finalist. After that, she released several songs on her own independently-known label, releasing a follow-up album titled Anna Nalick Live. The album was a commercial hit in the United States and Europe, and debuted at number four on the U.S. iTunes chart. She signed with RCA in the fall of 2010 and began work on the follow-up to her first album wreck her day.

When Anna Nalick’s follow-up album was released, she had several songs that didn’t make the album. Among those tunes were hits such as “Tears Away”, “I Only Lie”, and “I’m Alright”. In addition to all of those songs, Anna Nalick also began working on a new album entitled Anna Nalick, which would feature a revolving cast of characters that would include a preacher, a priest, a psychiatrist, a high school student, and a traveling salesman. The new band was co-written by singer-songwriter Matt Helderman and produced by the band members themselves.

Anna Nalick’s story is one that is very familiar to many people who were around and “in” rock and roll in the seventies and eighties. Anna Nalick was born in Southern California and was inspired to become an artist after her mother taught her how to play classical guitar when she was just thirteen years old. Later in her teens, she was discovered singing at home by a family friend, John Butler. He was a well-known gospel singer who had been discovered while doing gospel music at home in his home country of Alabama.

Anna Nalick’s career began to rise with the support of several well-known rock bands, including Beach Boys, Ozzy Osbourne, and the Yardbirds. However, it was when Ozzy Osbourne wanted to leave the English rock band Black Sabbath for a more “rock mainstream” sound, that Nalick finally decided to leave Sabbath and form her own band called Anna Nalick and the Spark. During this time, Anna was also discovered by producer Rick Wakeman who signed her to his popular Gold Record label. However, it was not until sometime in the nineties, that Nalick released her first solo album. It was on this album titled Anna Nalick: Live at the Hollywood Bowl where Anna Nalick showed off her distinctive voice talent, as well as her unique guitar techniques.

Anna Nalick then went on to record her self-titled second album Anna Nalick: Reckoning. This was followed by the demo version of the album called Anna Nalick: Reckoning (also recorded by Ozzy Osbourne and his backing band called the Schaumgummers) before the band made their official debut on the ARYLP. The album was recorded by engineer Lee Ledger and featured guest spots from everyone from David Cook (drums) to Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The album did not do well commercially, but managed to sell very well due to a string of live performances at clubs across the United States and Europe.

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