Carin da Silva

Carin da Silva is an actress, singer and dance professional. She is most famous for her singing on the Portuguese show “Boys Do Amour”, as well as for her work in films such as “Viragence” and “Candelion”. She has also had a number of stage appearances, most notably in “The Man Who Loved Children” and “Aida”. Recently she has been the face of a new coffee-table book and coffee-table album entitled “The Princess of Carimoria”, which combines her own pictures with those of her co-stars.

The name Carin da Silva was given to her by her cousin, Joana da Costa. Her real name is Carinandra dos Reis, or Rocha dos Rocha, both names that she uses in her music. Carin’s parents are Brazilian. She grew up in a small fishing village near the city of Vitoria, Brazil, where her musical interests were sparked at a very early age. At the age of 14, she began learning classical piano, but she found it too boring. In the meantime, she had begun studying dancing with the accompaniment of her electric violin, which she found very enjoyable.

Carin da Silva became interested in acting after the death of her close friend and colleague Marloes Mendes. She tried out for several TV shows, and even appeared in an episode of the soap opera “Valley Boulevard”. Later, she moved to Gothenburg, Sweden, to live with her cousin Randa Costa. After several years in Gothenburg, she decided it was time to move to Hollywood and signed up for a role on “E.T.” She failed the audition but was very impressed with the way director Frank Capra treated her, and decided to try out for other popular shows.

During the late 1980s, Carin da Silva’s name became known worldwide, thanks to the popularity of such television programmes as ‘Who’s The Boss?’ and ‘The Firm’. She became known to audiences across Europe, where she presented shows on both sides of the Atlantic. She also had a role on ‘Fantasy Island’ for one season, and ‘Seinfeld’ for two. The show that propelled her into stardom was ‘All about the Music’, in which she appeared alongside Michael Jackson. Carin da Silva’s profile has changed over the years, from an obscure background character to an in-demand, globe-wide musician, and finally to a multi-millionaire today.

Carin’s hair, skin and net worth have changed dramatically during the past few years. Prior to her appearance on ‘Dancing With The Stars’, her most famous eye color was dark brown/black, but Carin’s real eye color is m. bronze. Since appearing on the show, Carin has maintained her natural hair color, but also dyed her hair several times, each of these resulting in different colors. Today, she is one of the best-known Brazilian celebrities, due to her appearance on ‘Dancing With The Stars’, as well as the huge amount of media coverage she receives.

Due to her public appearances, as well as the large amount of media coverage, Carin has become one of the most popular celebrities in Scandinavia. Her first major project after appearing on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ were the movie ‘Sneakers’, but now she is set to star alongside Bill Murray in the upcoming movie ‘The Gold Mine’. Carin da Silva’s contract with Universal Pictures is up in 2021, and she will be appearing in at least four more movies. However, her best-known role so far is the lead role in the sensual thriller ‘Sneakers’, which is due for release in autumn of this year. It will be interesting to see how well Carin sells herself once she begins appearing in other movies, particularly as her career moves forward. Will she retain her spot as one of the best-known young stars in Scandinavia, or will other talents come to take her place?

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