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Victoria Justice is an American singer and actress. She has won a number of awards, which include multiple Teen Choice Awards and multiple awards for the Best Music Performance category at the 2021 MTV Music Awards. She was also nominated for the Best Female Rock Vocalist category for the same award. She was born in Seattle, Washington and currently resides in Los Angeles. Her birthday is May 3rd

Victoria Justice has performed both vocals and instruments. She was nominated for an MTV Video Music Award for the song titled, “erning”. She was also nominated for an additional Teen Choice Awards for the song “Famous” from her first album, and for the single “Wanted”. She recently became a dad to a young girl called Blanket. Blanket’s father is her friend, Blanket has appeared on a number of episodes of television series including Californian Gold Rush, Scrubs, and E! She is also married to a musician and composer Michael Buble.

Victoria Justice was born in November of 1985 in Seattle, Washington. Her parents are Jack Laws and Beth Phoenix. She was named after Victoria Clouston, an actress who was unfortunately killed in a car crash. Victoria Justice studied acting at the University of Southern California, where she met her husband, Michael Buble. They got married in 1992.

Victoria Justice was cast as Victoria Clouston in the movie adaptation of the Glinda the Good Witch. She went on to play the character in several more movies, including Bridesmaids, A Christmas Carol, and of course the movie version of Victoria Clouston: Vampire Hunter. She also had a brief role in the TV show Happy Days, playing a love interest for Clay Shaw. She then went on to star in several well-known movies such as Bridget Jones Diary, American Pie, and Edward Scissorhands.

Victoria Justice also has been nominated several times for children’s’ Choice Awards for some of her roles in TV shows. She has been nominated three times for Favorite TV Actress in a Leading Role category for Bridesmaids. Her nomination as Best Show Actress in a Leading Role for Bridesmaids was given out by the Parents of the Year in 1997.

Victoria Justice may be just one of the best young actresses in Hollywood. However, she has become one of the most popular within a very short period of time, thanks to the TV show that she has been a part of and the films that she has played. Her appearance on the silver screen was enough to make her a name that was remembered by millions of kids when they were growing up. She is now just one of the favorite names among the best young stars of Hollywood.

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