Teachers Day in United States

Teachers Day in United States

Teachers Day in the United States is observed on the last Sunday of May every year. Since 1776 it is a legal holiday in more than one state, with other states adding it to their calendar as well. On this day, children and teachers are recognized for their hard work. In many countries around the world, it is a family ritual that commemorates teachers and is also a time for raising funds for needy students. The money raised during Teachers Day can be used for various causes including the purchase of books, school supplies, and student activities.


Teachers Day in the United States began as a way to recognize teachers. Many people felt the need for educated individuals who could help young children, and with the advent of the industrial revolution and the mechanized age, this became a possibility. Teachers Day was created to encourage teachers to stay in the field and to give back to the teaching profession. Teachers Day is celebrated on this day in many states around the country; however, it is the largest celebration of Teachers Day in the United States.


The history of Teachers Day in the United States can be traced back to 1776. It was created by Benjamin Franklin to honor teachers all over the United States. This was a time when there was no money in most states for teachers, and many students did not have access to education. Franklin realized that it was essential to create a public holiday to celebrate teachers and what they do. On this day, children would come to school to give their teachers a gift, and this gift was not allowed to be sold or traded, but was an actual present given to the teacher.


Teachers Day has had many different traditions since its creation. At first, it was simply a day to recognize teachers all over the United States, with a luncheon in a coffeehouse or some other local location. Today, this luncheon is still used, but there are also regional Teachers Day celebrations. The Capital Region, for example, has a Teachers Day festival. It is also used to recognize teachers in New York City. This includes Queens College, which has a Teachers Day Festival each May as well as other local college events.


Teachers Day is also celebrated in other countries aside from the US. In Canada, it is called On Day Without Students. In Germany, it is called Oktoberfeste, while the Hungarian term is Tovarni. The British celebrate their version of Teachers Day known as Teachers Day. It is also known as Armistice Day.


Teachers Day in the United States is one of the few holidays that is actually not a federal holiday. It is a non-profit organization and is funded through the sale of stamps, candy, and paper products around the country. Teachers around the country continue to fight for better funding, especially as it relates to the amount of paperwork that they must do in order to perform their job duties. The sale of stamps helps to raise funds for this cause. A Teachers Day stamp or candy bar can be purchased by students, faculty members, or parents for this purpose.

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