Teachers Day in China

Teachers Day in China

When is Teachers Day in China in 2021? Be aware of Teachers Day In China, the day on which Teachers Day is celebrated in China and which falls on May 14th every year. The celebration marks the century old contribution that the Chinese have made to the intellectual and educational progression of the world. It is also widely celebrated by the people of China as well as many educators from various countries as an ideal way of showing their appreciation of the hard work done by their educational professionals.


Teachers Day in China traditionally falls on May 14th every year but the date can be moved around should the Teachers Day celebrations become a huge hit with the people of China and attract huge numbers of visitors from far and wide. On this special day, Chinese people will observe Teachers Day with pomp and pageantry. Chinese media like CCTV and CCTVx offer live coverage of the event and Chinese students like to join in the celebrations in the streets, using colorful ribbons to make their mark on the roads. Large number of banners with the images of Teachers Day are seen on the sides of the roads. People of all ages are seen participating in various activities organized by local education agencies.


Chinese President, Mr. Xi Jiping, along with his wife mumi had made it a point to celebrate Teachers Day in China with great fanfare and great joy. On this special day, the Chinese government offered scholarships to high school students, offering them the best of opportunities and education. Students were also given free training and facilities to visit other Chinese cities. Chinese President offered tax concessions to small and medium size enterprises (SME) in order to encourage them to hire qualified teachers. He also emphasized that the government would reward those employees who have brought fresh innovation and creativity to the lives of the young students.


Teachers Day in China is also notable for its interesting displays of knowledge and skill on how to spot a cheater. There were Teachers Day celebrations in schools where children were challenged to expose a cheater. Teachers Day is actually an attempt to expose the inefficiency and corruption in the higher rung of the education sector in China. The fact that there are more corrupt teachers means that there are more vices in the educational sector. To fight against corruption and insubordination, the Chinese government has decided to honor those who have rendered valuable service to the education system.


The schools on Teachers Day also organize special classes for the teachers themselves. The classes include practical demonstration of the skills required by the teachers and to share some knowledge with their colleagues. Teachers Day is a wonderful platform for the younger teachers to get inspired and exert efforts for better pay, recognition and more benefits. A very strong section of teachers supports this idea and works enthusiastically for it. In some schools, students create a carnival around the main classroom and offer snacks, pies, cookies and live performances.


Chinese President’s special meeting on Teachers Day was organized by PM Li Keqing. Teachers from every region and district of China gathered to celebrate Teachers Day and appreciated the work done by the teachers all over the country. They offered warm wishes to the Teachers Day recipients and expressed deep gratitude to the government for its support for the cause of Teachers Day.

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